Question: What does a decreasing ROE indicate?


Declining ROE suggests the company is becoming less efficient at creating profits and increasing shareholder value. To calculate the ROE, divide a companys net income by its shareholder equity.


If Roe is overturned along with Planned Parenthood v. Casey—a subsequent ruling that also maintained abortion rights—the federal right to safe, legal abortions will disappear. Instead, states will be allowed to determine the legality of abortion on their own; in some parts of the country, that would mean drastic restrictions or bans on abortion. As of right now, a person's constitutional right to abortion still exists; the draft opinion is not final until it's published—which, according to Politico, could come within the next two months.

What does a decreasing ROE indicate?

But should Roe and Casey be overturned, it will have a major impact, not only on reproductive rights, but also the physical health, mental health, finances, and livelihoods of people across the country. How Abortion Rights Would Change Since 1973, Roe has protected people's right to have an abortion up to the point of fetal viability, which occurs around 24 weeks of pregnancy.

The 1992 Casey ruiling reaffirmed Roe and held that states are prohibited from banning most abortions. If Roe and Casey are overturned, these federal protections would dissolve and the legality of abortion would be decided on the state-level.

About 26 states are expected to ban or restrict access to abortion the moment Roe is overturned. How long it would take for all of the individual bans and restrictions to pass depends What does a decreasing ROE indicate? multiple factors. In other states—like those for which bills have not been drafted or with state legislators that push back against the court—it could take some time, said Gash. Meanwhile, certain states—like California and New York—will become safe harbors or destinations for abortions.

In these states, lawmakers are working on legislation protecting the right to an abortion and also funding abortions for out-of-state pregnant people. Abortion funds across the country are also securing resources to help pregnant people afford to travel for care. But at some point, abortion providers in pro-abortion states will likely become overwhelmed, forcing many pregnant people to wait longer for urgent abortion care or travel even further to get the reproductive health care What does a decreasing ROE indicate?

need. As long as abortion care is accessible in the U. Given that there is a narrow window in which an abortion can be performed, some pregnant people who can afford to do so may choose to travel internationally—to Canada, for example—to get an abortion in a timely manner.

What Reversing Roe v. Wade Means (and Doesn't Mean)

Other Impacts on Health Care and Reproductive Rights Should Roe ultimately be overturned, it may also have even more far reaching implications including limiting access to contraception. In the draft opinion that leaked, Alito stated that the ruling on Dobbs is not meant to construe any further limitations on anything other than abortion.

The Supreme Court has previously diminished access to contraception througha case in which the justices ruled that employers do not have to offer contraception What does a decreasing ROE indicate? their employer health care plans due to the company's religious beliefs. Bans and restrictions on abortion may also make pregnancy even more dangerous for people: Already, the U. This is most pronounced among low-income and people of color due to biases in the health care system.

Ultimately, the overturning of Roe and Casey will not only drastically diminish reproductive rights, but it may also put the lives of pregnant people in peril.

What does a decreasing ROE indicate?

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