Question: Is it legal to remove DRM?

But US copyright law actually makes it illegal to break DRM—even if you have no intention of pirating copies. Just this week, the Copyright Office loosened a few of the restrictions on which forms of DRM are legal to bypass. ... And so, for law-abiding netizens, the DRM remains on the products they buy, locking media down.

However, DRM is a nightmare for consumers. It can prevent you from reading an ebook on all of your devices, even if youve bought it legitimately. ... The solution is to use a DRM removal tool. Dont worry; doing so is not illegal.

How do I bypass DRM on Kindle?

Method 1: Remove DRM from Kindle books with Calibre PluginStep 1 Install Calibre.Step 2 Install Calibre DeDRM Plugins.Step 3 Import DRMed books to Calibre.Step 1 Install Python at first.Step 2 Install Pycrypto.Step 3 Run KindleBooks.More items...

It is obvious that you don't really own them as you can't enjoy reading them on any device or e-Reader.

Is it legal to remove DRM?

So, I am going to guide you through that article which aims to fight the restrictions on our purchased items. What excites me is helping consumers to read the e-Books that they have bought with real money in the manner of their choosing with every right to own them and use them freely.

Digital rights management

As I want to get rid of the following scenario : Company A doesn't allow e-Books you buy from them to work on Devices or e-Readers of Company B because they want customers to buy only from a specific e-Book Store. If you have any question or concerns about whether is it legal or not you are welcome to see our.

Which allows us to gain full advantage over our e-Books. Obviously, it is not piracy because you or I may really like to read our legally purchased e-Books on Any Device or Any e-Reader. These are the most popular Manufacturing Companies for e-Books with each store listed See Below.

Is it legal to remove DRM?

You may be annoyed because of the restrictions they have. Apparently, several solutions for your problem is available on this blog so you don't have to worry about it. So, if you are not the original owner of the content then you are not going to be able to use it.

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