Question: Wo ist Windows Live Mail?


Den Speicherort Ihrer Windows Live Mails können Sie ganz einfach herausfinden: Klicken Sie zuerst auf Optionen > E-Mail > Erweitert. Hier können Sie nun nachschauen, wo Ihre Mails gespeichert werden. In den meisten Fällen ist das dieses Verzeichnis: C:/Users/NAME/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows Live Mail.

Wo ist Windows Mail bzw. Outlook Express abgeblieben?

It replaced but retains most of the functionality of and worked with and the Vista version of. Windows Contacts uses an -based schema format.

Wo ist Windows Live Mail?

Each contact appears as an individual. It is in the of Windows Vista and can be run in Windows 7 and Windows 10 by searching for 'Contacts' or 'wab.

Contacts can be stored in folders and groups. Users can right-click a contact to quickly convert it to vCard format and send it to anyone.

Windows Live Mail Speicherort: Hier finden Sie ihn

Individual contacts can be quickly accessed from the Start menu search text box. Whenever contacts in Messenger are updated, they'll be updated in Windows Contacts as well.

Wo ist Windows Live Mail?

This feature however only works up to Windows Live Messenger 8. Windows Contacts synchronization is not supported in Windows Live Messenger 9. All contacts will be preserved, however, leaving some with a considerable task of manually reconstructing the folders and moving addresses back into their rightful places.

This often preserves the folder structure.

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