Question: Where can I watch season 2 of Boston Legal?

Currently you are able to watch Boston Legal - Season 2 streaming on Hulu, IMDB TV Amazon Channel or for free with ads on IMDB TV Amazon Channel. It is also possible to buy Boston Legal - Season 2 as download on Apple iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Video.

Yes, four seasons was too short. Great fun, entertaining. James Spader started his Blacklist character on Boston Legal as Alan Shore.

5 Boston Legal/Number of seasons The series, which ran five seasons, made Garner a household name and won her a Golden Globe in its first season. “You will have to fight for actors and that still goes on today,” Kelley said. Where can I watch season 2 of Boston Legal?

The story of Alicia Florrick played oh-so-superbly by Julianna Margulies is one that intrigues everyone. What happens to the wife of the politicians who are embroiled in scandalous affairs? The show starts off with Alicia Florrick standing by the side of her husband, Chicago state attorney, Peter Florrick portrayed brilliantly by Chris Noth as he becomes a part of a humiliating sex and corruption scandal and is put behind bars. Alicia now has to go back to a law career which she had given up 13 years ago to support her two children.

She is then forced to start from the bottom of the barrel at a law firm run by her ex-lover, Will Gartner, and a formidable lawyer named Diane Lockhart. However, she continues to be exhilarating, not just in terms of the cases but the competition she faces from her peers who are much younger than her, most importantly Cary Agos Matt Czuchywho has a lot invested in his career.

She is a mother, daughter, wife, lover, lawyer, friend and is also good, bad, petty, brave, clever, stupid, right and wrong. The show has a lot of social commentaries and deals with issues that rock America today.

BOSTON LEGAL SEASON 2 (2005) (9.0/10)

The politicians are held up to even higher standards. However, things take a major sharp turn for Duncan Matlock Trevor Evepolitician and families minister for the British government, when it is found that he has been having an affair for 10 months with a parliamentary researcher. What makes it even more scandalous is the fact that the researcher was formerly an escort.

The role of the wife, Flora Matlock, who goes through all the painful humiliations and eventually rises above it all with vengeful trepidation is played brilliantly by Juliet Stevenson. They seem like they are the golden couple of politics but things take a sharp turn when Hoyes resigns his post in the cabinet as a leadership play. It may have worked but Chief Whip Marcus Brock Roger Allamequally ambitious, calls him out on it. Soon, his wife steps in for him, which soon puts a strain on their relationship.

Suits 2011 — Present A talented young former student, Mike Ross Patrick J. To take care of his grandmother, he once agrees to deliver a case of marijuana for his best friend. While doing the job, things take a turn for the worse and in an attempt to escape being arrested, he finds himself attending a job interview for Harvey Spector Gabriel Macht who is known as the best closer in the city.

This is where things get really good. But together, they make a great team, with a dangerous secret; a secret that could have devastating consequences. The show also has a great supporting cast in the likes of Meghan Markle as a paralegal, Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen, Where can I watch season 2 of Boston Legal?

Hoffman as Louis List and Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson. Scandal 2012 — 2018 The political elite of Washington have to maintain an impeccable public image to keep their positions intact. But when you have so much money, power and influence, things often do take a Where can I watch season 2 of Boston Legal? turn, especially as power definitely corrupts, even the most incorruptible.

This is where Olivia Pope Kerry Washington and her team of gladiators come into the picture. Well, she is also the ex-lover of the married President, who cannot seem to get over the charms of Olivia Pope. House of Cards 2013 — 2018 Do you want to watch a show that will expose you to the depths of evil that people can go to for power and justify it as deeds done for the greater good of America?

Then, you have come to the right place. The Underwoods — Kevin Spacey and Claire Underwood Robin Wright are a powerful couple. He is a Democrat and Chief Whip. Claire is highly cunning, ruthless woman. When Frank gets ignored for the position of Secretary of State, he makes an elaborate, pragmatic and ruthless plan for power with the help of his wife, and what ensues will shake you to the core and keep you glued to your screens.

How to Get Away With Murder 2014 — Present Five students from the first year in their law school of Middleton University in Philadelphia are chosen by their professor, Annalise Keating Viola Devisto Where can I watch season 2 of Boston Legal?

for her at her prestigious firm. The year when the story begins, she chooses Wes Gibbins Alfred Enoch of Harry Potter fameConnor Walsh Jack FalaheeAsher Millstone Matt McGorryRebecca Sutter Katie Findlay and Laurel Castillo Karla Souza.

Political Animals 2012 When runs in the family, things get complicated. This is what happens when former First Lady Elaine Barrish, portrayed by Sigourney Weaver, is appointed as Governor of Illinois. Her husband Bud Hammond James Wolk has always been an unfaithful man but also an extremely popular president despite his indiscretions.

Using his credibility, Barrish runs for the Democratic nomination for president but loses. This prompts her to file for a divorce from her husband and two years after that, her story starts as she runs the State Department as Secretary of State while struggling to keep her family together.

Better Call Saul 2015 — Present People can do miracles for family, especially family that you feel the need to impress. It is the story of a younger brother Jimmy McGill Bob Odenkirka former con artist, trying to impress his older brother, Charles McGill Michael McKean. Jimmy, in an attempt to impress his brother who is a well-renown lawyer with his own law firm, tries to become a legitimate lawyer himself.

The Practice 1997 — 2004 Sometimes old is really and most definitely gold. It is a show where idealism is high and all the clients that come through matter to the lawyers. Where can I watch season 2 of Boston Legal? gave us a great spin-off, which is next on my list. Boston Legal 2004 — 2008 Using far-fetched situations and scenarios, is one of the best that shed light on issues of America and hint about what the notion of America should be. Casting James Spader as the brilliant Alan Shore was a masterstroke.

Adding to the brilliance of Spader are William Shatner, who plays Denny Crane, and Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt. Drop Dead Diva 2009 — 2014 This is not what Where can I watch season 2 of Boston Legal? would call your regular legal drama. This is a fantasy, legal comedy-drama that also addresses body image issues. This is when she presses the return button, sending her back to life, but in the body of a dying lawyer named Jane Bingham.

Where can I watch season 2 of Boston Legal?

And then things get even more interesting as Jane is the complete opposite of Deb — she is smart, intelligent, hardworking and plus size.

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