Question: What family is the berimbau in?


Biriba (verga) — The berimbau takes its name from this wooden rod, which is known as the backbone of the instrument. It can be made of many different kinds of wood, but the Brazilian species Eschweilera ovata (Cambess.), of the family Lecythidaceae is considered to be the best material for this part of the instrument.

Chordophone: an instrument that produces its sound by the vibration of strings. Although the berimbau is a member of the string family, it is actually struck like a percussion instrument and used to provide rhythmic accompaniments to dance music.


In this regard, is a guitar considered a Chordophone? When a chordophone is played, the strings vibrate and interact with each other. There is usually something that makes the sound resonate, such as the body of a guitar or violin. Common chordophones are the banjo, cello, double bass, dulcimer, guitar, harp, lute, piano, sitar, ukulele, viola and violin.

What family is the berimbau in?

Subsequently, question is, what type of instrument is a berimbau? A chordophones is the instrument that use a string stretched between two points.

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Some of the examples of a chordophones include, a piano, guitar, harp, cello et cetera. What does a berimbau sound like? The berimbau, as played for capoeira, basically has three sounds: the open string sound, the high sound, and the buzz sound.

In playing the buzz sound, one holds easily the gourd closed against one's belly, while touching the string with the dobrão.

What family is the berimbau in?

Membranophones are things that make a sound through the vibration of a stretched surface, rather than a column of air flute, oboe, organ or a string violin, guitar. All true drums are membranophones. The only non-drums are kazoos and other Mirlitons, which include 'comb and paper' and the 'onion flute'. In the traditional Hornbostel-Sachs system of categorizing musical What family is the berimbau in?, the piano is considered a type of chordophone.

Similar to a lyre or a harp, it has strings stretched between two points.

What family is the berimbau in?

When the strings vibrate, they produce sound. So, the piano also falls into the realm of percussion instruments.

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