Question: How do you get the Black Pearl in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

Black Pearl: Near the Blue Bells pedestal is a staircase down into the Watery Cave mine. On level 25 you might see a Black Pearl on the ground for you to pick up. The Black Pearl shines, so it is easy to spot on the dark cave floor.

How does a hero earn their title?

To earn a hero rank you need to earn a lot of profit in one of the four categories. It doesnt matter which category you choose to become a hero in, but only the items you ship in the current season (28 days) count towards your Farm Degree.

Who is the #1 MHA hero?

Endeavor 1. Endeavor. The No. 1 hero is now Shoto Todorokis father, Enji Todoroki, aka Endeavor.

Who is the No 1 hero in MHA?

Endeavor Current RankingsHeroCurrent RankStatusEndeavor1ActiveHawks2ActiveBest Jeanist3ActiveEdgeshot4Active13 more rows

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How do you get the Black Pearl in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

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How do you get the Black Pearl in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

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