Question: What is the best way to take damiana?


Damiana can be taken as a tea up to three times a day. Prepare approximately 1 teaspoon (6-12 g) of damiana dried leaves in a mug of boiling water, leave to brew for 10 minutes before drinking. You can also take it in capsule or liquid extract form.

It naturally helps in resolving intimate issues of both men as well as women. Being anti-inflammatory, antioxidative as well as antimicrobial in nature, damiana benefits in conditions like diabetes, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and chronic fatigue.

Damiana leaf tea or infusion is useful. In the pill form, 400-800 mg thrice every day is an acceptable damiana dosage. In the tincture form, 2-3 ml is standard. Damiana leaf tea has popularly been recognized as a natural female. It elevates sexual sensations in men as well as women. Damiana benefits people having a low sex drive. Also, being a nervine herb, controlled damiana dosage helps in enhancing the feelings of euphoria.

What is the best way to take damiana?

It also combats sexual impotency. The Damiana Herb Uplifts Your Mood. A regular drop in your energy levels can lead to the accumulation of negative emotions. Stress is another cause of mood swings. Damiana leaf tea, however, acts as a vital energy tonic that significantly lowers stress levels and also helps fight the symptoms of.

Damiana Leaf Tea Aids Weight Loss. Damiana benefits obese people by decreasing unnecessary hunger pangs. It balances the hormones leading to. Therefore, drinking about two cups of damiana tea and working out every day will create a positive impact. The Damiana Herb Is Anti-Diabetic.

Damiana leaf is known to treat the symptoms of. It effectively brings down your blood sugar levels without causing any side effects. What is the best way to take damiana? Tea Is Great For Fertility. The damiana herb is potent enough to deal with the symptoms of. It strengthens the ovaries to promote healthy growth of the eggs and help you.

Being a tonic for fertility, it nourishes the reproductive system overall.

What is the best way to take damiana?

Damiana Leaf Tea Is An Analgesic. Damiana benefits menstruating women by reducing abdominal cramps. Other than that, people experiencing a consistent can also benefit from the damiana leaf infusion.

You can even apply it directly over the affected areas to soothe joint or muscle pain. Prevent Digestive Issues With Damiana. As the damiana herb relaxes muscles, it also aids your digestive system to even treat How? When the stomach muscles contract, the passage of the waste gets hindered. Damiana tea or extract helps loosen the muscles, thus allowing the waste to pass.

In bed with Damiana

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