Question: Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen?

Becoming the new Mayor of Star City After Quentin Lances death, Pollard became the new mayor of Star City. On her watch as the Mayor, the city lost faith in her and the Star City Police Department because of Ricardo Diaz and the anti-vigilante law and the main reason why the crime wave and the corruption is very high.

Does Oliver Queen become mayor again?

Oliver is impeached and Quentin becomes the new Mayor of Star City.

Who replaces Oliver Queen?

Khalil Payne is the new rich hero in town. The Arrowverse finally has a replacement for Arrows Oliver Queen. Black Lightning now has a similar equivalent with Khalil “Painkiller” Payne. Oliver came from an incredibly wealthy family and grew up with a lot of privileges not afforded to others.

What happens to Star City in the future?

Star City was ultimately destroyed in the Anti-Monitor Crisis, when Anti-Monitors wave of antimatter destroyed the multiverse. However, due to Olivers noble sacrifice, he created a new multiverse, and a new Star City was created on Earth-Prime.

Is Oliver Queen Dead 2040?

3 | Is Oliver dead in 2040? ANSWER: Inconclusive, though Mia wonders if Galaxy One aka the sinister Eden Corps was involved in “what happened to Dad.” Its also worth noting that following the childbirth scene, Oliver is never seen again — even during Mias training as a tyke/teen.

Why does Laurel look different in season 2 of Arrow?

She also had some plastic surgery between season 1 and 2. It was not for the better. Between being involved in multiple filming projects and red carpet debuts in that period, the actress simple didnt have the time to undergo and recover from cosmetic surgery.

Why did Arrow died?

Heres what he told I, from the jump, was always advocating for Oliver to die. ... The Green Arrow never struck me as the kind of hero who would live to see the end of his days, so sacrificing himself to save the multiverse and his family felt like the right way to go.

Is Gotham Chicago?

In The Dark Knight Trilogy, Gotham City was filmed and based in Chicago.

But you never stop to think what you might do to them. She manages to expose Malcolm's plot at the end of Season One, but is arrested for her part in the conspiracy. After being found not guilty, Moira begins a campaign for mayor of Starling City.

She also had a brief affair with Malcolm, though it turns out that they're actually not really in good terms because he was threatening her and her children. In the first few episodes, she's aeven by Undertaking standards. By the middle of the first season, we see that unlike most members, she is trying to stop the Undertaking from within, though she uses rather underhanded methods to do so.

By the end, we see that she's been coerced into it ever since Malcolm killed half her family. Ultimately, this leads to her. As it is, Moira is directly and indirectly Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? for Malcolm's life falling apart post-Season One; first by exposing the Undertaking, then by informing Ra's al Ghul of his survival. Though later Isabel herself shows up. She's forced to support Malcolm in his plan to destroy the Glades out of fear, following him having Robert killed.

She initially was the dead counterpart to Earth-2 Moira, but after Earth-2's destruction and her death being prevented Post-Crisis, the Earth-2 version is the dead one. Also right before her death, she's trying to reveal a secret - most likely the fact that Malcolm Merlyn is still alive.

The traditional role of the Dragon as the brutal enforcer is played by the Dark Archer, Malcolm himself, but Moira carries out most of the overt business of traveling around the city, threatening and extorting people on behalf of the Undertaking. She plays this role to the hilt, but she's Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? doing it because she's terrified Malcolm will kill her and her family.

But she genuinely wants the best for Thea and Oliver. Slade kills her anyway with a sword, though not without noting her courage. Then when she learns that Robert also cheated on her with Kazumi Adachi and has a daughter of his own, she forces him to abandon Kazumi and Emiko, leaving them Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? nothing. And later in Season Two, when she runs for Mayor. By the end of the first season, we've learned she's only ever participated in the Undertaking because Malcolm was threatening her family, a threat he carried out on Robert, with Oliver caught as an innocent bystander, and again on Walter.

However, her party is never specifically named, which is normal for local elections in the United States. Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? starts trying to feverishly rub the blood stains off her hands. Upon her resurrection, Moira is seen attending Oliver's funeral. It's quickly revealed to be. Punching the clock has Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen?

been good for her. And by both Thea and Oliver after they find out about the Undertaking, and especially Thea's true paternity during her mayoral campaign. Even before she found out in Season 1, Moira was one of the few Arrowverse characters not to mind secrets from her loved ones, telling Thea when she was complaining about Oliver being private that he needed his space.

She had plenty of reasons to believe this, considering the secrets she was herself holding on to. It's implied in Season One that she's still holding out hope for them, until the Undertaking.

This then becomes double-subverted when Oliver, as the Spectre, undoes her death in the. Despite previously forcing Robert to disregard Emiko some time ago, at Oliver's funeral, Moira welcomes Emiko to come to the Queen mansion whenever she wants.

The only problem is she's also the 's. While this had good intentions, it was also the indirect cause for the events of Season Three, where Sara Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen?

killed for real and both of her children would have near-death experiences that they just barely survived. It doesn't hurt that she's considerably less evil than Sebastian Blood, of course. It has to be pretty much spoon-fed to her by Malcolm that the Arrow is going after only specific targets in their Organization that just happened to be rich.

He was a well-intentioned member of Malcolm Merlyn's scheme to clean up Star ling City, until he learned of Malcolm's plan to level the Glades. Malcolm sabotaged the Queen's Gambit to prevent him from exposing the conspiracy, which resulted in Robert passing the list onto Oliver before committing suicide.

At some point when he was trying to set up some building in the Glades, the councilman he spoke to tried to blackmail him into bribing him.

When he refused and the resulting fight ends with Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? accidentally killing the councilman, he joined Malcolm's group to clean up the Glades to atone for this, until he finds out what Malcolm is planning.

Season 7 only adds to his tarnished legacy with the revelation he had a second family - which he ended up leaving on their own to avoid losing his other one - and that he killed someone else on the raft before himself; although only the second one is revealed to the public.

Prometheus later shows him that he covered up the accidental murder, which his children have a hard time justifying. Later, When Oliver finds out about his second family, he's distraught that his father wasn't the man he remembered. His actor was one of the original main characters of. His actor was one of the key characters Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? its first season. The Earth-2 version eventually dies with the rest of his world in 2019. He also tried to avoid seeing Emiko despite her coming to want to see him.

He joined Malcolm's crusade to clean up the Glades by taking control of the corrupt executives, but he refused to go along with destroying the Glades, and from the start his only motive was to help people. Justified since they were at the time. When Thea went to her first boy-girl party, he disapproved the dress she wore and pretty much terrified her date. Even after Malcolm returned, he was still distant, so Robert still basically treated Tommy as his own.

Tommy: My dad was never there. Your dad was the one who took me to baseball games, went to school plays, helped me with birthday parties. All of his appearances are through flashbacks. Also, by Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? end of the season, we've learned that Malcolm had the yacht sabotaged because Robert was going to Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? the Undertaking. While Thea's comic counterpart Mia was later adopted by Oliver, she is not related to the Queens by blood; however, it was later revealed that Thea is conceived by Moira's infidelity with Malcolm, and that Robert knew this but loved her like his own anyway.

He married Moira sometime after Robert's death, but divorces her after Season One due to her lies and role in the Undertaking. But you'll notice that Walter likes just about everybody, and everybody likes him. He shaved immediately once he's rescued. His kind nature is why Felicity wanted to help find him. Colin Salmon was a prominent supporting cast during 's tenure as the title character. Colin Salmon was a in. Is used as a mid-episode cliffhanger, but the source was lying.

Even after divorcing Moira, he is still willing to help them, as shown when Oliver asked him to help prevent Queen Consolidated from being absorbed by Isabel Rochev at the beginning of Season 2.

Ironically, he's married to his polar opposite, though he doesn't realize this at first. Because Robert was his friend and he's the type of guy to avenge his best friend's murder. Also, when his head of security gets killed under suspicious circumstances, he's reluctant to have any other staff continue that investigation.

When he suspects potential embezzling within his company, he personally investigates despite the fact that he has an entire department also investigating. Oliver comes home and finds Walter married to his mother. The reason people think he's evil in the beginning is mostly because a and b he's a bit uptight. Regardless, he's an honorable gentleman through and through. In the comics, he's just a minor character unrelated to both characters. Notably, Walter is the only one Moira chose to tell, with the other person being her doctor after complications with the birth.

This episode's events are later retconned to be happening in Earth-16, while Arrow introduces another Connor Hawke in Season 7 who is Bronze Tiger's biological son and John's adopted son. But the name Connor Hawke and taking up the Green Arrow mantle, not to mention Connor's ethnicity, goes to a different character who appeared in later retconned to be happening in another Earth entirelyand another Connor Hawke appears in Season 7 as John's adopted son.

His role as Green Arrow's successor went to his sister Mia instead. He feels unable to be a normal kid after all that happens to his father and step-mother, the breaking point being forced to move away after they fear Diaz will abduct him and then coming home only to be ignored by the both of them, so he decides to live with his grandparents.

His grandparents then cut off all contact between William, Oliver, and Felicity, so that the former feels he was abandoned, while the latter hope he gets to live a normal life. Somewhat subverted with his grandparents, who take him in when he's unhappy living with Oliver's and Felicity's violent life.

They cut off all contact between William and his parents, leading him to believe he'd been abandoned. His Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? in superheroes is shattered after his mother's death at the hands of Prometheus after it's revealed to him Oliver is his father and the Green Arrow. Justified since he never knew of his paternity until he's 10. White Feather, the son Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? Green Arrow's counterpart on Earth-12 and a member of the Inferior Five in the comics.

For the matter, he has no idea that Oliver is his father. At least until Prometheus abducts him.

Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen?

While Connor is still of mixed race, his Asian-American roots is omitted. His present self never came out to Oliver and Felicity, but the former tells his future self that they knew. He knows fuck-all about fighting and people tend to ignore him, but he has good tech skills and is far more emotionally aware than pretty much everyone else in the shit-hole that is 2040!

He never sees his father alive again, but he Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? his half-sister's future self in the series finale. Not a guy lurking around in the shadows. However, he slowly comes to forgive Oliver, and begins to appreciate what the Arrow is doing for the city. He eventually enters into a partnership with the Arrow. In Season 3, Lance is promoted to captain. By season 5, after loosing his police commission due to working with Damien Darhk, he becomes the Deputy mayor of Star City under Oliver and then becomes the Mayor himself after Oliver got impeached.

This leads to his wife leaving him, and ever since he has secretly hoped that they'll eventually get together again. Said events made him an alcoholic.

Oh, and those happened before the show even started. Detective Larry Lance is now Detective Quentin Lance. However, his middle name in the show is Larry. However, it is openly stated in Season 2 that he's still in love with her.

He eventually goes back into rehab because he doesn't want his alcoholism to effect his job as deputy mayor. In his all subsequent interactions with Black Siren, he holds absolutely no illusions that she's his Laurel. This gets played with by Season 3 due to his heart condition acting up when he's in the field, and by Season 4 he's explicitly not a fighter anymore, meaning this trope gets played straight, deconstructed, and then subverted.

He would retain this role all the way until he resigned from the police department. One of his biggest gripes with Oliver's crusade is him killing or maiming too many bad guys, which Lance chalks up to Oliver enjoying it. Unfortunately it doesn't last due to Sara's death. However after suffering a taste of after unwittingly helping Damien Darhk rise to power he becomes much more willing to help Oliver out and, after Oliver avenges Laurel's death in the season 4 finale, Quentin becomes loyal to Oliver and actively helps him out in his crusade as opposed to constantly hindering him.

He works with Team Arrow grudginly at the start of Season 4 and then he reconciles with Oliver. He also has a long history with Dollmaker, which is taken from Jim Gordon, that follows Oliver's own from.

I just can't quite bring myself to use it. As one of the only honest cops in Starling City, Quentin is Oliver's go-to officer for any inside information or help. He Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? eventually come around to Oliver's side after the two rescue Laurel together, and while he may not be quite to Oliver's level he does manage to kick his fair share of ass.

All this gets him is a police force that doesn't listen to him when the situation is dire because his source is a literal criminal, a demotion to a place where he can provide Oliver almost no help, and, after so long in the firing line against enemies more suited for Oliver than the average police officer, a heart condition that takes him out of the field for good.

He's gone from being a prominent member of the cast in the first two seasons, to missing several Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? at a time and only appearing in brief scenes in the episodes he is in. Quentin never gives up when he wants to catch a criminal see season 1 but it's his best and worst trait. His singlemindeness alienates Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen?

family when he focuses too much on work, his guilt and stress drives him into being an alcoholic and he ends up ignoring other criminals and refusing to divert his resources leading to either both the Arrow and the criminal of the week escaping or the criminal being killed by the Arrow.

The dude has managed to escape serial killers and alike without much of a real mark on him. In Season Three this has forced him to retire from street work, and he needs to use a cane.

Here, he gets a weakened heart after the battle with Slade in the Arrow Season 2 finale. They're not, but it's the thought that counts.

Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen?

He gets over it later on. In Season 1, Quentin is an angry alcoholic who refuses to listen to any kind of reason until it's too late.

In Season Two, Laurel takes on many of these flaws when Quentin finally gives up drinking, helps the Arrow, and welcomes Sara home. Both of them are the cop main characters note For added bonus, both of their actors' respective are also cops; forfor Paul Blackthorne. But while Joe has always been supportive of Barry being The Flash, Quentin's relationship with The Arrow is pretty shaky and unpredictable.

Around the time he discovered The Arrow's real identity, their relationship had completely gone to shit.

Oliver Queen (Smallville)

They also have a daughter whom they've always been especially close to - while Quentin had a second child Sarahe's described the bond between Laurel and himself as one of trust, similar to Joe and Iris. Furthermore, one side of the relationship has been keeping the other with good intentions; and the level of hurt that Quentin felt about Laurel doing it, when Sara died, has forced Joe to reconsider his own self-righteous attempts to keep Iris from finding out that Barry is The Flash.

Such as pointing out that the vigilante does not use guns when they found someone shot, the fact that he hasn't snapped any necks as of recentlyor the fact that the arrows used to kill Adam Hunt were black and not green like he is known for.

Deconstructed when he tries aiding the Arrow against Werner Zytle and nearly gets himself killed because of his health. Afterwards he still participates somewhat in field work, but not as much as before. He becomes angry towards both Laurel and the Arrow as a result to the point of refusing to cooperate with the latter anymore.

By Season 2 he's become the while Laurel is more of an. He goes back to Inspector Javert in Season 3 after Sara's death shakes him up and he pins the blame on the Arrow.

He is also the last member of the main cast up to that point to find it out, and even then he has to be told. On the personal side, Quentin's hatred towards Oliver makes a lot of sense when you consider Oliver is the guy who cheated on his one daughter with his other daughter, and got said daughter killed.

Then you find out that the fallout of his daughter's death resulted in his wife leaving. Plus, with Roy having been arrested several times while trying to seek out the Arrow, Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? much else would have a chance of setting him straight. Oliver's mother showed an instant disliking to his behavior towards the subject. Despite what one could say about him, he truly does care for his daughter and wouldn't hesitate to use the entire police force to protect her when she is threatened.

Then when Ra's framed the Arrow for a killing spree Lance fell for it hook, line, and sinker letting his emotions cloud his judgement, Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? single-mindedly determined to arrest him ignoring all the good the Arrow had done for the city.

Then Ra's told him Oliver was the Arrow and the man became freaking Captain Ahab, going out of his way to harass Oliver's friends and family and take every chance to. After a lot of back and forth, Oliver also becomes another son figure to him. While he doesn't have a heart attack when he finds out he doesn't take the news well. This he's eventually told by Ra's al Ghul of all people, and from there he starts to lose all sense of restraint in his vendetta against the Arrow.

Then he agrees to help Ollie instead. Though he succeeds after numerous attempts, he dies without getting the chance to form a bond with her. However, his resurrection in the finale means that he finally has his chance of doing so. Sadly,also the case with Laurel. Lance: I would say I'm sorry, but we both know whose fault this is.

That man turned out to be Damien Darhk whose rise to power thanks to Quentin's actions actually made things worse. He's unaware that the person he's talking to is keeping similar monumental secrets from his own daughter, but from his expression Joe clearly sees the parallels. Part of Joe's response is an attempt to justify his own actions. He tries to push her away as he did with everyone else who tried to help him, but unlike the rest Thea refuses to give up on him, even getting him the job of deputy mayor to help keep his head above water.

The two are from that moment on. Rene joins city hall as Quentin's assistant mostly to keep an eye on him and be a Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? to lean on, but Quentin ends Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? helping Rene out too by getting him reconnected with his daughter. Although she's on Earth-Prime, it's her Earth-2 iteration that's still there.

Understandable, since she's his Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? surviving daughter and is making dangerous enemies as a lawyer, but sometimes his protectiveness overwhelms his reason.

He was also willing to take on the Leagues of Assassins to protect Sara, and wound up killing one of them on his own. Even after falling out with Laurel, he still makes protecting her his top priority. Oliver and Thea clearly look up to and rely on him, and for all his faults, he's easily the most admirable out of all their parental figures.

When he died, Oliver was devastated. He is a grim mother fucker. Lost his daughter, estranged from his wife and other daughter, drinking problem. He outgrows this in later seasons. This all turns out to be a ruse to throw viewers off.

In the comics, the White Canary is an unrelated character who is a self-appointed of Black Canary the Dinah Laurel Lance version. Because of this Lance is a lot less active in the field then he used to be however, when he does go out to the field, he can still take down people half his age if he needs to. Quentin: If I knew who he really was then he would Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen?

a person. People that care about him. And then he couldn't be what I needed to him to be. What this city needs him to be. It's The Arrow that matters. Here, he outlives her, though he finally bites it in the Season Six finale, even mirroring his in the comics.

And then he's still spared in the Post-Crisis universe. He joins the core group at Season 4, though and by season 5 will even go out with Oliver and the team for certain cases or help out Felicity in the Arrowcave.

He eventually admits to her that while he still loves her, they won't patch things up any time soon. He is ultimately demoted to beat cop for this. He continues to work with the Arrow in Season Two with little internal conflict, showing that he has embraced Good. Though Sara's death makes him regress, he switches back when she's resurrected. This goes away in Season 3 when he finds out Sara died, though he comes back around in season 4 when she's properly brought back to life.

He also seems to have lost his old animosity towards Oliver and now acts as a of sorts to him and Thea. He does grow out of this mindset eventually. He got his shield back in theand is then the police captain in Years 3 and 4. He is then appointed as Deputy Mayor by Oliver in Year 5 and is promoted to Mayor the following Season following Ollie's resignation. In his defense, with literally no hours remaining, zero leads, and Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen?

to evacuate, he might not have been thinking about that sort of thing. She seems pretty healthy here. Nyssa even kidnapped her without putting up a fight during mid-Season 2. The similarly named Dinah Drake becomes Laurel's successor after her death. They both don't buy it.

Lo and behold at Season 2. Alex Kingston played River Song, a Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen?

character circa the Eleventh Doctor's era. Alex Kingston was a in. That's why she was so desperate to confirm that Sara was alive. Sadly,also the case with Laurel. This gets subverted yet again as she's slated to come to be part of another show. And then Laurel was in Season 4, thus playing this straight. Instead we just get Sara talking to her on the phone. In the comics, the White Canary is an unrelated character who is a self-appointed of Black Canary the Dinah Laurel Lance version.

Here, she even outlives her. Her maiden name, Drake, counts too. His father, Malcolm Merlyn, is the of the season. He also learns about his friend's vigilante duties and his father's as the Dark Archer. He's not really the Dark Archer his father is, though that didn't stop the Dark Archer from being named after him, then in it was revealed that he's a and Malcolm Merlyn is his father, making him an unintentional case of. It isn't actually what he feels, though. Come Season Two, turns out they're actually half-siblings.

Never mind that Oliver had been cheating on Laurel with her sister, everyone thought he was dead, and he was gone for five years. It's only Oliver himself telling Tommy that it was okay did he let Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen? on it. He also immediately backs away from in Thea, or in Diggle's sister-in-law. He only sees her as his younger sister, and it is revealed the next season they were half-siblings.

And also thebut he doesn't know about that part until the Season One finale. Quentin Lance taunts him in the pilot by asking if he drugged his dates. Since his tenure from this show ended, Colin Donnell has been part of which takes place as the shows from the said franchise. Oliver is surprisingly cool with Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen?, but considering the circumstances, he really didn't have a leg to stand on to be mad. Also for the Earth-2 Tommy, who like the Earth-X version didn't survive past his first episode either.

Inverted in the finale where this version is the only living one. He came back, though they never repaired their relationship. It doesn't help that their incredibly awkward double date happened right after Tommy's father cut him off, leaving Tommy penniless. It really didn't help that, just before they went off to the dance floor, Dr. Smarm had talked about opening a free clinic in the Glades. Any appearances past that are either flashbacks, an evil alternate Nazi version or Christopher Chance impersonating him.

Subverted in the finale, as Oliver allowed him to survive. Laurel is initially skeptical of whether he is capable of changing, but they seem to be going steady. Oliver lies to him as he dies, telling him that he didn't kill Malcolm. Malcolm may be a to his son, but he does love him and wants him to be happy. Towards the end of the season, his attitude unfortunately soured quite a bit, especially towards Oliver, and it wasn't totally unjustified.

The Earth-2 one is the in-between due to being a misguidedwhile the one from Earth-X is the mean one due to being a supervillain Nazi. And even though he has the balls to defend the people close to him, he always lose badly if he decides to fight.

Also as Oliver's best friend, he's easily inserted in the plot in a way that Diggle and Felicity couldn't be. He got his very dark hair from both his parents, but judging from photos, his pale skin comes from his mother. In the series finale, it is revealed they got married due to the post-Crisis changes. He doesn't actually want Laurel to be with Oliver. He just thinks it's inevitable.

He also has the distinction of being the only one to learn about Oliver's secret and not join his crusade. These factors make his in the season finale all the more tragic. He does a good deed? It blows up in his face.

Terrible Things Everyone Forgets Oliver Did On Arrow

Does something good happen to him? Due to circumstances outside of his control, he gets it cruelly ripped away from him. This reaches its logical conclusion with his death in the Season One finale. After finding a possible clue that suggests Oliver may still be alive, he travels to Hong Kong, only to be kidnapped and told it was all a set-up. She was killed eighteen years before the start of the story.

She was a wealthy philanthropist whose main goal in life was to help the less fortunate residing in the Glades. She was eventually mugged there and none of those people she wanted to help helped her back when she was dying.

In fact, he even considers his with Moira after her death as dishonoring her memory. Had she not died, Malcolm would have never gone to Nanda Parbat or plan the Undertaking just to avenge her, resulting in the sinking of the Queen's Gambit and Oliver being stranded on Lian Yu. She works at a diner in Star ling City.

The only thing that stops her from is that Diggle still mentions her and Andy Jr in passing. This is especially baffling when you consider that her husband Andy is revealed to be alive and well in season 4 and yet the two never even see each other. Then they break up after Season One because of Diggle's obsession with Deadshot. Except not really, until John was forced to kill him instead.

She was born during Season 3. Although she is rather ditzy, she's also a good parent for Felicity and is well-aware when her ex-husband is playing others.

Unless she's being held hostage by a terrorist group led by her daughter's ex-boyfriend that is. Coupled with Laurel's death, this leads to him falling. Numerous characters have pondered over how Felicity looks nothing like her mother, save for blonde hair which is actually dyed.

Ray even wonders if she was adopted. It turns out Felicity takes more after her father's side. His new surname is also unknown since he's only addressed as Paula Holt in the Who becomes mayor after Oliver Queen?.

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