Question: What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?


Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is bringing back its “What The Fanta” campaign for a second year, featuring a “mystery” blue zero-sugar flavour. The blue flavour is rolling out now in 500ml and two-litre bottles now and “could be one of several exciting zero sugar flavours”.

Illicit by Jimmy Choo is a Floral fragrance for women. Illicit was launched in 2015. The nose behind this fragrance is Anne Flipo. Top notes are Ginger and Bitter Orange; middle notes are Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom and Rose; base notes are Honey, Amber, Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Cashmere Wood. Jimmy Choo presents its new perfume called Illicit, coming out in August 2015. The fragrance is announced as a modern floral, created by the perfumer Anne Flipo.

It starts with frizzy notes leading to the floral heart and the warm, honey-amber base. Ginger and bitter orange open the composition.

The heart consists of rose and jasmine sambac, laid on the base of honey-amber accord and sandalwood. The face of the perfume is singer Sky Ferreira.

The fragrance is available as 40, 60 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Read about this perfume in other languages:,. Literally the same as Voce Viva by Valentino.

It's nice, but it has no projection, it's hard to describe but it has that sugary orange blossom honey scent, and it creates its own scent and it's the same as Voce Viva to me.

Very basic, nothing that jumps out, no real personality, doesn't say much, it's just there It's nice, and that's probably the best overall descriptor. Unoriginal, but does a decent job. No real ginger scent on my skin- mostly What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

juice, orange flower, vanilla, and sugar with something a little warm spicy but not identifiable ginger and a bit powdery underlying it. Makes a little cloud but not an overly strong scent. Like others have said, you could probably wear this to a nearly any occasion as long as it isn't too hot out. Edit: This is crazy- put a rose perfume on the other arm to test, went back to this one, and literally only a few minutes later all I smell is a slightly fruity vanilla that is mostly amber.

The honey and caramel are definitely there but again, not in your typical heavy winter gourmand scent type of way. Amber and vanilla are pretty subtle. I think you could certainly pull What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? off in fall, winter, spring, and even on summer nights or cooler summer days. In high heat or humidity, it might become a bit cloying.

I cannot recommend this fragrance enough, especially if you are a gourmand lover. Powdery floral honey, with a hint of vanilla at dry down. I only have a travel size, waiting to see What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

I grow bored of it before investing in a full bottle. Now all we need is a peppery smelling scent and they can name it Aaaa-Choo!

I did very much enjoy them both. Illicit is still a very loud, a little goes a long way type of scent. Strong projection and sillage with only 2 or 3 pumps and sticks to cloths for days. Intoxicating honey-amber-woodsy dry down is what I enjoyed most. More orange blossom than bitter orange notes for me. Reading What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?, I feel like impressions of this vary wildly, there doesn't seem to be one common perception.

On me, it's a little fresh-spicy because of the ginger and citrus, the honey is light and not too syrupy. The florals and caramel come after a few hours of wear to create this sweet, sophisticated scent. I actually think it's fine in warmer weather. It smells more grown up and put together than the notes might suggest. Looking at the notes, I thought this would be a safe blind buy. It is lovely, but not what I was expecting. Strangely, the scent I'm getting from this is a cold lily fragrance even with no lily in the notesnot a warm cosy vibe at all.

On my What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?, it's very similar to Cartier Baiser Vole, which I had, but sold on. Ambers tend to be my favourite and this does not disappoint. I advise you not to go into this thinking it will be eccentric and spicy, but if youre a vanilla lover this would make an awesome blindbuy. Reminds me of Elie Saab Le Parfum intense.

That being said I think concentration could be better but its nice as a grab and go. It adds a richer deep sweetness. And then the florals tone all of the sweetness down and makes it elegant. This is sexy to me, this is classy to me.

Illicit Jimmy Choo perfume

This one kind of reminded me of La vie est belle a little bit but this doesn't last as long and I'd argue it's not as sweet although it still is generally speaking. Overall it smells fantastic and I'd use it for an everyday perfume as it's pretty safe for most if not all occasions. It might be a little basic but its very versatile and this would be a great gift idea as What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? not too expensive and the bottle looks good too which is always a plus! This little gem right here omg.

Just started diving into jimmy choo fragrances and this is my first. This right here is feminine, classy, sweet but not too sweet or overpowering although you only need a few sprays and your good to go.

It reminds me of the original girl of now but a more toned down version. I could literally just put all my other fragrances aside and just rock out What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

this What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?. Surprisingly, out of the three I prefer Sofia. After an hour, it turns into a warm honey scent.

When I say honey I mean honey suckle with a splash of honey. I expected a gourmand honey scent. Longevity is surprisingly poor and sillage is not good either. After 3 hours I cannot smell it anymore. This perfume is what I would consider an all in one. You can literally wear it at any time of day any month of the year. It just goes with everything. I had to fight with myself not to gatekeep it lol Anyway, the sillage is moderate but it has an extremely long wearing time.

I blind bought this fragrance and upon first spray, I instantly remembered this scent. Just added to my collection, so I actually need to wear this out, but so far so good. This was originally a gift. I thought I hated this fragrance, but now that I try it again, there is really nothing to hate about this. This is a really nice, fresh, sweet, warm fragrance that is very versatile.

It's a cooler weather feel, but not necessarily cold weather, in my opinion. Not sure I would repurchase because it is a little too basic and not as strong as I typically like though it has decent lasting power. I can still detect it 8+ hours later, though it's lightbut I still do enjoy the smell. The opening is especially very citrusy combined with a herbal note bitter orange with ginger is correctwhich I'm not a huge fan of, but it dries down into a very enjoyable, honey-like but clean and tame sweetness with citrus still in the What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?.

A bit of woodyness sandalwood later on too, with the sweetness of white florals. I doubt this has much of a sillage. Sugarful Dream is a little more powdery in the dry down because of this. I should mention that Illicit also has this certain.

I think orange juicy, very slightly peppery feel throughout the dry down after the ginger and bitter orange opening, even though pepper isn't listed body chemistry of course will affect how notes dry down and change. I believe it to be a better performer than a lot of people give it credit for. I wore it to work a few times, and had a coworker demanding to know what it was.

She said she could still smell it on me at the end of the 8 hour day. It is sweet, but not heavy. It has a fresh, honey, airy smell.

I know that might What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? weird, but it is not a heavy, fuzzy, hazy sweet. It feels very light but it is intoxicating! I like to layer this with By The Fireplace by Maison Margiela, but it is wonderful all on it's own. It is the only fragrance so far that someone has literally chased me down to ask me what I was wearing I was only wearing this at that time.

It will What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? be in my collection, I am going to get a back up bottle, and it is the type of fragrance that I will have a mini panic attack if they ever discontinue this! I would recommend this mainly for day and night during fall and winter, however, it could be worn in the spring as well.

It would also be appropriate for work but I would consider it more of a sexy, alluring fragrance. Did I say that I love this?? Unfortunately it has very poor longevity and no sillage to talk about. Almost right away after spraying I have to dig in my nose to smell it. Such a shame, the caramel is gorgeous.

Illicit is a nice honey floral scent. I really want to love this fragrance. The honey note is lovely. There is another note that's very strong to my nose, that keeps it just a like jasmine may be the issue for now.

I can't put my finger on what it is yet. But I'm hopeful in the warmer weather, I'll enjoy it more. People love this perfume, however the ginger, sandalwood, and honey were the only notes that stood out on me.

Because of this, it smelled very designer generic and like a crash course of notes not well blended. I wanted to love it, I'm sure it is beautiful on others but my ph did not mesh well. In the first two hours or so it's honey-glazed orange slices, and then amber dominates on my skin. Can see some connections to Alien.

In fact the pyramid is quite similar to that of Alien Fusion by Mugler, but it's defintely not as empowering, and Illicit is much sweeter because of the honey and caramel notes. After 6 hours it has become a skin scent on me. I'm bummed to What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? it go but hopefully the new owner will enjoy it. Sadly, it just doesn't last on my skin. I can't justify keeping it so this is up for sale on my Mercari. This reminds me of ginger tea with a generous helping of honey.

Quite a round, What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? fragrance. Jasmine fills this out nicely and the orange blossom has a candied quality. Gourmand notes, but not edible. This is currently a strong like for me. I love this scent profile, so I'm not mad about having it. Smells good, sparkling, with a light caramel throughout.

Reminds me of a lot of other fragrances though. In the same family as Viva La Juicy and the like. A crowd pleaser but nothing new or different honestly. The recent hype made me try this, but I was quite disappointed.

I don't think I'll be keeping this one. It's everything I wanted La Nuit Trésor to be. I would describe it as a spicy gourmand but not an edible-gourmand. The notes description on fragrantica is very accurate, I'm getting equal parts of sweet, citrus, warm spicy delish ginger, yum! Insane longevity too, easily getting 12+ hours of wear with this one. Projects well too, way better than La Nuit did on me.

Overall, you get way more bang for your buck with this perfume. Reminds me a bit of Prada La Femme if it was warmer and less tropical. Also reminds me of Nude by Rihanna. A nice blend of spices and honey. It has an expensive soap vibe and smells clean while still being warm.

It gives off a high class rich bitch vibe and is an easy grab and go. My only complaint is I wish it was slightly punchier and had bigger sillage. Those are my two complaints for the two previously mentioned perfumes as well.

I bought this previously owned last winter. However, not being one to dismiss a fragrance too soon, I decided to keep it for a different season.

Well, that season is now! Having tested it in winter, spring, and summer, I can with confidence say What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? is best on cool fall days. I would say it is a spiced amber vanilla. Sillage What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? longevity are moderate. It is sweet, but not cloyingly so. Very solid like for me.

If it was easier What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? wear year round, it would be a love. I definitely smell the ginger and caramel above all the other notes. I would repurchase this for sure. It still smells like illicit because when I put on my jacket the other day I smelled it and I knew right away which perfume it was. I don't get honey at all which is great cause honey can be such a miss for me.

This just smells like caramel What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? Citrus. It's a gourmand fragrance but it doesn't just smell like food. It was love at first sniff and I find it really unique. I have over 100+ bottles of fragrances and none of them are anything like it. I had a little splash bottle that came in a set, and I was Immediately impressed, I just had to buy a full sized bottle.

All of the notes just mesh well together. I usually find Orange blossom to be too screechy in alot of fragrances, but the ginger and honey blends it right on out. I love this for cooler days and nights. The ginger in this is sexy to me but it is still well rounded where you can wear it in a casual setting or date night. Great sillage and lasting power. This will definitely be a staple in my collection. This is another one of my amazing blind buys! The honey in this smells so creamy and rich.

This kinda reminds me of Prade La Femme, only this is much sweeter whereas La Femme is more tart. The ginger, bitter orange, amber and vanilla all blends into a delightful symphony of perfect sophistication. I am sniffing my wrist as i write this and this just titillates my senses as i get lost into its intoxicating scent! I can envision a successful, independent and sassy woman wearing this.

She knows what she wants and got all her stuff together. Illicit is amazing and my new favorite. I imagine it being on a super confident woman, but more on the quiet side, as in not too bubbly. She is dressed in white or has at least a crisp white shirt on and hair is tied into a high bun, red lipstick on and some gold jewelry.

It is very long lasting and projects well!! The ginger and the honey are well blended, making it somewhat warm. I like it a lot!! I actually bought the body lotion after realizing just how much I enjoyed it. My guess is those that like Le Parfum will definitely also like this. The sumptuous heart notes are embraced by a whisper of caramel and a honeyed amber accord, intertwined with a thread of sandalwood to mellow and smooth the sweetness.

Lingering soft cashmere musk envelops the wearer in a swathe of sensory pleasure, effortlessly kissing the skin and floating away into the magical, moonlit sky. Such an addicting scent without being too much. Perfect all year around gourmand, never too much. Longevity is amazing on me, I get an all day wear. First spray is subtly floral and sweet, but I get the warmth from the ginger and the base note.

The sillage is not particularly large, even in the beginning. After about an hour, it has faded quite a bit. I'll have the finish the long-term portion of this review another time, though.

I just put on a light jacket that I wore while wearing Tom Ford's Vanille Fatale and it just completely took over.

It doesn't clash with Illicit, at least! What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? wow, how very unique! I get ginger first and foremost and throughout, but the tang is paired with honey and vanilla to offset the sharpness, and sparkly orange blossom, sandalwood and jasmine add to the brightness and the classiness of the blend. I think this perfume is hard for someone to hate actually.

The bitter orange and honey overpowers everything in a good waywhile amber, vanilla and caramel kinda hovers behind it. The flowers in it were almost unnoticeable but they're there. If you like cocktail like Negroni, Illicit smells exactly like it and I realized why the packaging is designed like a cocktail glass.

It is not too sweet thanks to the bitter orange that balanced everything so well. It is versatile despite how sexy this perfume is. In term of longevity, I don't think it is a monster as Miss Dior, but overall still a good buy. I love the bottle and the cap as well, so high quality and premium people say that it's not a magnetic cap but I think it is. It would sit beautifully on your vanity.

I'm going to be loving this for a long time now that I have to save Miss Dior 2017 since it is now discontinued. This sits very close to my skin and is soft and sweet. I don't smell the ginger too much but every once in a while I will get a small amount of spiciness to the sweetness.

Lasted about 4 hours on me before it went away. I do smell the honey and caramel notes, the most. A little of the vanilla, amber and the florals, the bitter orange I don't smell at all. Overall this is a nice and inoffensive perfume and I don't regret blind buying this one.

I agree with the other reviews that this is a fragrance that wraps you in a warm cozy veil. It has a brightness to it that is just so cheerful and uplifting. Betsey Johnson was a bit more fruity and juicy, had a hint of pineapple.

Fast forward to this year, and I receive a sample of Mon Guerlain intense. Then it hit me, the vanilla in mon guerlain intense What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

very reminiscent of the vanilla in illicit. However, illicit is softer and less cloying to me than guerlain in this Florida heat. This is a grown up lady fragrance, super sweet and confident. For when I am dressed up in my expensive and expressive fineries yet want to tickle your nose with my sassy aura. Dripping with golden honey, dahhhhhling!

Pretty perfume with underlying florals. The difference is that Illicit is sweeter because of the caramel note and I detect some marzipan as well. The rose note makes the scent a bit more feminine and floral. Armani Code is a more citrusy and cleaner scent than Illicit. Despite their similarities, I can't determine which one I prefer, thus they can't be substitutes of each other.

I'm gonna keep both in my collection. Never had so many compliments on a perfume from men I've never spoken to before in one night! And I have worn lots lol. Might be a combination of me overspraying and this being wicked good for a summer night. So it's reasonably colder here than in other What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

in summer. Such forward compliments are culturally highly unusual for Norwegians to give, even when they're drunk haha. Especially getting stopped by strangers while just bypassing and not already being a What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?.

Now to my interpretation of the scent: this is sweet! But not cloying or thick. Must be the way the honey and caramel is blended? Marzipan citrus heaven with a very slight spice. I find it to be very well blended as well. What stands out to me is, despite some freshness and slight spice - it is very smooth.

This is not juvenile, but it's quite fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. I usually love honey as a note, but I'll admit that it can sometimes get pissy or sour. This has absolutely zero sourness on my skin, despite being blended with citrus. This is rather creamy and not sharp. I get no patchouli in this. Nothing pokes out too much, which makes this very wearable.

Welcoming and bubbly with a tiny bit of sophistication. Very minuscule tobacco or whiskey note feel, which What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? it just a bit boozy. Only time I probably wouldn't wear it is What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? extreme heat. Easy to understand and easy going. Maybe that's why men enjoy it? In my experience they seem to like sweet and wearable fragrances that are easy to grasp lol. Especially if they are not particularly in to fragrances, which most aren't.

Often times quite cheap ones. I have such mixed feelings about this perfume. If you like sweet gingery smelling perfumes you might like this. Mmmmm, warm, rich but incredibly versatile. The ginger gives it range and zest in the heat, yet the amber is golden and stirs up the yearning to wear wool and cashmere sweaters. The bottle reminds me of my old fashioned glass What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? decanter set.

Smells of honey, ginger, amber, and vanilla on me. I can also detect jasmine and orange here, but they are under all this honey. This is such a warm, sweet fragrance that preforms wonderfully. I agree with a previous reviewer who called this fragrance a warm cloak. That is what this is, a honeyed cloak that wraps around you and covers you in sweetness and spice.

I can smell this fragrance on me for the full 6-7 hours it stays on me. There's no waiting for a breeze to blow a whiff of this frag toward me so I can smell it, this scent sticks to me like well. Honey, and anyone that comes within 3 ft of me will get caught up in its sweet web. Are we looking at the best Jimmy Choo femenine perfume? In my opinion, yes, Ilicit is a perfume that contains sweet amber and slightly floral notes, that although its performance is not the best of the brand's perfumes that I have tried the first Jimmy Choo I gave it to my mother and it lasts longer 9 hours easily but it is so well executed and its notes are perfectly balanced.

The opening of this prefume is an intense honey that is felt throughout the life of this fragrance accompanied by a touch of ginger and ripe and What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

orange juice with an amber note that gives it a slightly dense and warm touch. Little by little a white floral accord appears jasmine and orange blossom that melts with a slight vanilla and a caramel note that maintains the sweet but very measured accord that does not cloak or saturate at any time, In the background Kashmir wood and sandalwood are slightly felt, which accompany the honey with the amber during drying.

I find this fragrance quite versatile, suitable for use in autumn, spring and winter, and even on the coolest summer nights because, as I said before, it has a very good balance of its components and does not saturate at any time, its duration is about 4 at 6 hours, the last being a fragrance closer to the skin, with a trail in its first hour moderate that wraps you under its sweet and warm cloak.

A wonderful spicy, sweet fragrance. I love how the ginger, florals and vanilla works here. The scent is very well blended and it has an amazing What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? quality due to the honey. You could wear this all seasons if you live in a colder climate, since it is not too thick or heavy, despite being a sweet scent. I wasn't even going to repurchase it initially, but I found a 100ml on a good sale and decided it was worth adding back into my collection again.

I also love What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? bottle so much, very art deco and chic. I see a lot of comments in regards to what the color of the juice should be. The color and smell did not change during that time. My new bottle has a batch code from 2016, and the juice was very dark and ambery when I got it, and not similar in color to my previous one.

However the fragrance smells very much the same, and everything came sealed in the box, so it is just a matter of color change in this case. Longevity on my current bottle is amazing, lasts over 5-8 hours on skin and all day on clothes. Once used up I'll be keeping this in my collection. I dont have anything that's smells orangey and tangy like this. Its nicely done and not overwhelming. Nice and sweet with the floral hitting so lightly.

I don't get any Carmel What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? guess the sweetness comes from the honey. But your left with sweet mellow orange blossoms. Long lasting on the skin Illicit started off tangy and orange-ish.

Definitely sense the honey, but the ginger is rather hidden behind the orange. I actually imagined Illicit to be less tangy than it actually is, with more pronounced ginger note and honey.

What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

Luckily, this tanginess quickly subsides and soon I was left with warm caramel-vanilla combo. It's a pleasant scent, really. Except that I would love longer honey-ginger period minus the tanginess, though rather than the regular caramel-vanilla.

The identity introduction of Illicit is far too quick for me. It's like I haven't really get the chance to know her, and she just hide behind the averages.

I really haven't found more potent, sticky honey scent out there other than Pure Honey. Illicit - Love at first sniff. This is my favourite Jimmy Choo fragrance and I have 6. On my skin, the ginger, honey, caramel and vanilla are pronounced and mixes beautifully. Can be worn at any occasion or time. It starts off sweet and bright and citrusy, mostly orange. I do get some smooth honey notes here.

I think it adds to the sharpness of the midphase. It settles into something a little smoother. I get mostly orange blossom still sharp and powdery but more of that warm honey sweetness. The cloud kind of saves the fragrance for me.

I get sheer honey at first sniff, with a tobacco and pink pepper dissonance that is probably the ginger fighting with the citrus. They duke it out, but the jasmine swoops in and wins, creamy florals thickening the honey and lifting it two feet off the wrist for half the day. This is a warm, sexy scent. Maybe ideal for fall or winter but I'd wear it year round. I love this, but if I could change one thing it would be toning down the amber and turning up What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

honey a bit. It's not overly sweet at all. Maybe not important but I absolutely love the bottle. Me and this fragrance connect emotionally. What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? know it sounds ridiculous. I don't think it's particularly flashy or interesting but I feel like this embodies my personality completely and it was love at first sniff. The florals with the sweet honey is beautiful. It's warm What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? not at all artificial smelling.

It's just classy enough but still very easy to wear. I agree the marketing didn't do this scent justice. I dream of this scent with a name that goes with it better. I don't regret it at all, I love the composition so much. It's softer after 15 mins though, but the spiciness is strong as if there is patchouli amber does that on my skin, i love it.

Once I sprayed Illicit, then Black Opium came to my mind jasmine, orange blossom it has some of that peppery sweetness. Then I said hmm maybe Flowerbomb too as far as the spiciness and the rose, but not as much, Illicit is so soft, shares that Flowerbomb spiciness tho. I went to my vanity looked at flowerbomb, yuck, Flowerbomb is sweeter, patchouli spicy, heady, more balsamic, with rose overload and I hate it I have a tiny bottle just to compare.

Illicit has enough rose to make it aromatic. The sprayer smells alot like Between Us One Direction - close softer dupe of Flowerbomb which works on my skin. Armani Code is more heady and deep on my skin, very close. I cannot wear Armani Code as much as I like it, so I do like Illicit, not the most unique scent tho.

It is reminiscent of so many perfumes, having elements of many, but the outcome on my skin is beautiful. On paper it smelled so different years ago and glad I gave it a chance and bought a bottle, which is so attractive. I love such sweet spicy scents. Update: Longevity is terrible, drydown is amazing, creamy,cozy, almost nutty. I was disappointed in this. Really was hoping for a strong honey note but I got the ginger and spice mostly with just a little sweetness.

I haven't been impressed with Jimmy Choo fragrances yet as I don't care for the original either. Ended up selling mine, while it was pleasant, I feel like I have similar scents and I just wasn't reaching for this one enough. It doesn't stand out to me. My quick notes when smelling this: amber, vanilla, caramel, spice, cashmere, fruit.

Looks like I hit most of the notes and given that I could actually smell them all for what they are, I'd say Illicit does a great job not smelling linear. The amber, vanilla, and caramel are really the first things I could smell when I initially put this on.

Midway I was able to get the cashmere, spice, and the bitter orange very slightly. After dry down, the ginger spiciness and the caramel stick around and l'm not complaining. The caramel adds such a nice creamy quality to it but the ginger keeps it from becoming just another boring vanilla-amber-caramel scent.

I don't detect the floral notes much at all in this from the beginning nor to the end, but again I'm not complaining because far too many amber fragrances go too heavy on the white florals and lean too powdery and soft. I like that Illicit is spicy but rounded out enough that it isn't piercing. I have to agree though, its name is completely misplaced.

I don't pick up much of the floral middle notes at all. Illict is a gorgeous blend of ginger, honey, amber and vanilla perfection. It is sweet, warm, and citrusy. As it dries down, Illict becomes slightly floral and smooth.

However, still very sexy and inviting. Not the sexy you see straight away, but the sexy that catches you off guard. I can see this really What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

Major Research Groupings

people in when they are close to you, as the various notes linger so nicely on your skin. I can't wait to test this during summer nights or girls night outs.

I ordered a 60ml blind buy and i'm so bummed cause I usually always tend What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? go for bigger bottles! I will be repurchasing a 100ml as back up, the body lotion and the shower gel. This has easily become a new love. If you're new to amber notes, I think this fragrance will be What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? perfect starter. I like scents that aren't too sweet and cloying, and this one isnt, plus it has an underlying mystery and allure, love it!

Will be purchasing full size when the generous sample runs out. To me it now smells closer to scandal, whereas there was no resemblance What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? before. I bought jimmy Choo illicit because I tried a small sample bottle before. Also it was on sale : I definitely love the opening notes. It's a honey, sweet and warm perfume so as soon as it sits on my skin, the notes disappear.

After a bit, it gets too woody and powdery for me. I do get compliments wearing it but it's just not my type. Go for this if you're into warm and cozy scents.

My bottle was previously owned, and is around 5 years old. No idea how it was stored. Sort of like an older honey smell. Can any of you tell me if there is a difference in smell between light and dark juice?

A gourmand I wanted to What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? for the longest time. I received it as a gift, and I'm in love with it. It is not cloying, so it's safe to use at the office.

My only complaint is that Illicit doesn't last very long on my skin. Blind bought from Notino due to being What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? affordable, and also because my best friend sang praises of it so I thought 'Why not? I thought it would be a lot spicier due to the notes listed but I get a gentle, powdery floral with hints of caramel and woods. A nice little gem, super easy to wear and suits many occasions.

I probably need to give this a few more tries to fully appreciate the composition. I'm looking forward to wearing this in the warmer months to see how different the notes might unfurl.

I would recommend trying it on both skin and clothes. I love this fragrance so much. It was my first purchase as a perfume newbie after becoming obsessed with the idea of having a sensual scent to wear on dates with my boyfriend.

I went around to Sephora, Bloomingdales, Ulta, etc. Then I came across this one. It's vanillic, soft spicy, slightly floral. It's certainly a little sweet, but remains balanced. For reference, I find most designer vanillas to be cloyingly, unpleasantly sweet Libre, Jimmy Choo original. Here, there's no berries or pear or whatever so it avoids skewing young. Most of all, Illicit is warm and cozy. It reminds me of being in his arms. A little sexy, a little flirty.

The ambery dry down is delicious. It makes me feel pretty and womanly. As others have noted it's readily available online and I love that it's so affordable and accessible. I have barely put a dent in my 60ml bottle since purchasing almost 5 years ago. And the bottle itself--so gorgeous, one of the most beautiful in my collection to this day.

If you like warmer fragrances but don't enjoy smoke or tobacco notes, I highly recommend this for fall and winter evenings. It's absolutely a feel good fragrance. A natural sweet and gentle floral scent. The caramel does not add an overtly sweet scent either, but I am trying this in 90F weather and will update in winter 50-60F here for how it develops.

The jasmine and orange blossom are very noticeable on me the whole time but unfortunately the ginger lasts all of twenty minutes. I feel I can easily pass off this fragrance if I bore of it. Radiates a few feet away, lasts 3-4 hours. In the beginning sweet sweet, caramel like. I like best the drydown, when 1-2 hours have passed.

Then the ginger comes out and what I get is a a dusty spicy old book smell. Still very sweet, you have to keep that in mind. This perfume behaves very similarly to Armani Code and upon research shares the majority of its notes - starts off with ginger and orange which is a bit sharp-sweet and quite spicy, before warming up with honey.

The vanilla is much stronger in Illicit though, and with the added rose and salted caramel this fragrance is less spicy in the top notes and a more rounded, thick sweetness in the dry down.

The longevity of this is impressive! I can still smell it after 6 ish hours including after a nap lol. I would sum the dry-down up as vanilla-honey-jasmine with a hint of rose, and an occasional whiff of ginger at certain angles. I What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? like this perfume and find it odd that there are so many negative reviews. I actually got this from my mother in law, which in the past has been bad with picking my perfume, but this time she did okay.

This is a sharp floriental perfume. The opening is a light spicy but cold spicy not warm. I like the ginger notes from this, that's the most prominent smell I get when I use this as well as the honey. The dry down is nice, sweet dark amber. I have a very strong bitchy face so I rarely get any compliments but this perfume has definitely got me some which is strange because its not usually something I would go for.

If you want a safe perfume with some level of mysteriousness then I would go for this one. This perfume has a constant game between the sweet and the soapy given by the jasmine. The notes of orange and honey are subtly perceived along with the itchiness of a discreet ginger. It is a balanced and elegant perfume, very similar to others by Jimmy Choo but with a softer and less invasive evolution. Timeless in my opinion, but I would advise its use in autumn, winter or the first days of spring.

It has an enveloping charm, well-made protective style. When others say Illicit is a misnomer, I would have to agree. I also second the comment that it's a bit flat. However, it is a pleasant and very sweet honey fragrance. If you like gourmands, you would definitely enjoy using it. Would be a great buy if you find it inexpensively, but otherwise spend your money on a more interesting juice. I used to wear this and love this. I revisited it recently and am enjoying wearing it again. I think this fragrance might have fallen victim to poor marketing.

It is not sleek and cold like a skyscraper, nor is it illicit. Warm and sexy, without trying too hard. I just recently received this in the mail. Another fragrance i had been eyeing What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

just went ahead and took the plunge. This scent here though i absolutely love. Illicit is what i wished the original Jimmy Choo smelled like. The original is listed as a sweet fragrance but literally all i smell in that fragrance is patchouli. Illicit however is definitely sweet, the ginger and honey combines well on my skin, such a pretty fragrance that i feel is a safe blind buy for anyone who likes sweet fragrances.

On my skin it does last about 6-7 hours which is not bad. It sits quite close to the skin but i feel its still worth having in my collection. Forgetting why I liked this fragrance a few years back, I revisited Illicit.

To me, Illicit is ginger ale first, followed by white flowers and cream soda. It is unusual and striking. I have asked others the same question and the answer: Illicit. I think Place Vendome to which it is compared is more Classic Lady. Illicit has a youthful, sparkling, amber-sweet but not cloying vibe. Update: After wearing several times, I am getting rose in the drydown. Have turned to this more and more these spring days.

New signature scent after wearing Juicy Couture Gold Couture for years. They have some same notes, but this is way more feminine and sophisticated. Not really a fan of the first 10 minutes or so, a bit too sharp for me, but after that. I really wanted to like this fragrance, from the art deco bottle to the campaign with Sky, I was hoping this would be in the top of my fragrance list.

This What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? a blind buy for me, so I had no clue what it would smell like; pretty affordable now as well because I think the whole Illicit range is discontinued. It's light, not cloying maybe I didn't get a fresh batch? It's missing the oomph that I want. Besides that, I feel like it's a great everyday year-round scent. The longevity is a miss. I smell the perfume I wore yesterday, which is unfortunate because I put Illicit on today.

Incredibly well balanced sweet, sexy fragrance! The honey, ginger, jasmine, caramel, amber notes are perfectly blended.

It reminds me of Place Vendome, but no way similar. The kind of presence that never gets unnoticed. She seduces, she's getting the crowd attention, she fascinates, she's there to steal the show.

High heels, black dress, red lipstick and a glass What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? champagne. Extremely long wearing, huge projection, heavy sillage, 2 sprays and you're done, otherwise, the whole image will be ruined.

Jimmy Choo Illicit opens with a ginger without bite, silky green tea, and yummy vanilla. A creamy sandalwood and soft amber welcomes you gently. Sambac jasmine is detectable, but not in a big way.

Fans of Gucci Bamboo or Guerlain Teazzurra will enjoy this as an addition to their peaceful comforting inoffensive fragrance collection.

As it wears on, it feels a little spicier. The only annoying thing about this fragrance is the name. It's such a safe scent, Illicit is the last word I'd think of. Too mature for my taste. Makes me visualize this bottle sitting on a musty, dusty mirror of an aged dancer who sits in her wheelchair looking out a window, dreaming of exciting days and nights gone by.

To the give-away box it goes. Don't get me wrong it smells very very good, it is a gorgeous honey perfume, one of the best I've tried along with paco rabanne lucky, it really is beautiful What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? it is missing a little oomph for me, too much would ruin it but as it is it is lacking any oomph atall, I agree that it gives off What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

sad vibe but I don't know why or how they could correct it without ruining the scent, it's very difficult to explain. I'm considering getting a larger sample of this and giving it a more of a chance because it really is very very pretty, I might consider layering it like another reviewer mentioned and see if I can make this work for me x This is absolutely my favourite Jimmy Choo fragrance. Sweet sexy honey caramel, but with added depth, it's a gorgeous night time scent I adore.

I never noticed the ginger until it was pointed out to me, so thankfully I don't find it a very prominent note at all, although I suppose that's what gives Illicit its underlying fizz. I'd put this in the same sort of category as Black Opium, but with better longevity. Very highly ranked in my collection. Well well well, where have you been hiding?!

About a year ago I was desperately searching for a sweet perfume that would fulfill my needs for a sweet, yet not suffocating scent, and abide to the rules I set for this imaginary perfume. It was either too this or that and I mostly focused on looking for praline. What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? neglected Illicit in stores, there's just some brands or bottles or whatever that don't attract me. But when I received a sample of it, I could see what I've been missing.

This is extremely close to what I was looking for. The citruses and ginger make it just sweet enough, never overpowering or thick. And then, then comes the caramel. It adds to the fresh sweetness from the beginning, only making Illicit not illicit, but even more delicious. Forget about searching all over, just try Illicit and see if you agree; I. Almost as sweet as La Vie Est Belle but not as synthetic, Illicit is a delight to wear. While it's designed for women, men might like to give I.

Good sillage and lasting power. Well blended and wearable, work safe in small amounts. Perfumes with pronounced sweet notes can be difficult. Illicit is like bottled sunshine, an instant mood lifter!

I'd describe this as oriental and spicy but still soft and sensual. It does smell like a mix of different scents out there on the market today but I still really like it.

If you can find this cheap somewhere I'd say grab it! You want to like this, you really do. You notice a lovely conventional sign of the times fragrance lilting sweetly and slightly piercingly at you, an almost marmalade type presence. But sadly its just not there.

It seems to like a tester card longer and stays nicer there. There are better styles of this around. I've What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

received this, firstly it was quite expensive for a Jimmy Choo fragrance I thought. I wanted this as a friend of mine regularly wears Illicit and it smells gorgeous on her and lasts well. Having worn this for a few months daily, I'm not sure if I've become blind to the scent but I don't really smell it, even if I've just applied it.

I have had a few compliments when wearing it though. Illicit is a clean scent - perfect for anyone and anywhere, as it's not overpowering or a very divisive scent. I can note the light honey in this, with a slight zing of ginger, it slowly turns into a fresh caramel scent. I really do love Illicit as It smells lovely and fresh, hardly unique but is gorgeous - would be perfect for the office, a hot day or general wear.

I find this just ok, simply because I like projection and am not into so much sweet in fragrances, especially this sweet.

What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

Illicit- a gourmand, sugary, warmed with honey and caramel with the citrus and ginger as an afterthought. I don't think so, I think it may be the honey. I've read a lot of folks mention that they find it similar to Flower Bomb, I don't think so; Flower Bomb is gaggingly sweet :a sugar powerhouse, whereas this one is sweet but in a mellow way. I got a small perfume for this one, absolutely loved What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? The difference is that the pink pepper in Crystal Noir is a bit stronger.

Both ginger and peppery smell are amazing, along with the amber and the honey. I am wearing it right now in this cold cold weather which makes me feel so warm and sexy! Longevity is so so weak on me, the more i wear it the less i smell it!!!!

This could be my signature scent for winter! The ginger smell from the opening just works so well with the honey!!!!!! I don't think i will get a bottle for this due to the longevity! It is such a shame, because i really think this is my new found signature scent in winter, but i don't wanna carry a bottle and have to top it off every hour. I suspect it's an unlisted note. This is lacking pizzaz, somehow. I could wish the ginger was spicier and more daring, especially considering this perfume's moniker.

It quickly settles down into a creamy sandalwood like so many other creamy sandalwoods. But Flowerbomb smells more unique to my nose with distinctive floral notes that set it apart in a sea of unrelentingly sweet frags.

In my mind, whatever chemical Illicit is built around, it's closer to the caramel base of Prada Candy. This is an update to my review from yesterday below: After five hours on my skin this scent finally developed into something I quite like.

And now, after ten hours, I can still smell the wonderful outcome. It's beautifully soft, sweet and flowery. Definitely much more sweeter, softer and sophisticated than at the beginning. And I can still clearly smell it, after ten hours, so not a bad performance. I think I will end up liking this after all. So don't be fooled if this scent does the same trick to you at first, but instead wait patiently for a few hours.

I wanted to like this so much, but unfortunately I think this might be a miss for me. Usually I really like the combo of sweet honey notes together with fresh citrus and orange notes. That is why I was almost certain that I would love this. Not very sweet at all and almost no honey, just some sharp What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? florals, which are so common in many fragrances. I then have to wait for almost an hour for the scent to settle down on my skin before it becomes more enjoyable.

What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

Finally I can smell the honey, which is blended with sambac jasmine and warm amber. The drydown is warm, slightly sweet and floral. Yet, this is not exactly that sweet at all as I was expecting this to be on my skin. Unfortunately I feel that this is somehow rather generic on my skin. Nothing that would really make this to stand out. I think What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? would have loved this in case this had some colder and sweeter notes included in it.

I guess I will have to try Place Vendôme next, since I can see some people commenting that it is a sweeter version of this scent. If you like Flowerbomb, I What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? you will like Illicit. I also see some reviewers have compared it to Black Opium. In my opinion it doesn't smell like Black Opium as it's not quite as sweet and lacks the licorice undertones which is why I prefer Illicit to Black Opium.

It smells nothing like the original Jimmy Choo perfume, which on my skin smelled soapy with a touch of berries. Illicit is a warm, feminine scent that I believe will work for daytime or nighttime. It has decent sillage and longevity, particularly if sprayed on clothing. I received a sample of this and, after trying it out today, I plan to purchase a full-sized bottle.

I received a big sample of it a while ago, and I liked the intial spritz a lot. But then it turned into something so familiar that I thought 'I don't need this, it's not revolutionary and exciting enough'.

Yet, I kept wearing it occassionally. Many times I nearly gave away my sample, but also many times I nearly ordered a bottle. Now I know: yes, it is a familiar fragrance, it reminds me of the rich honey in Lady Million, the vanilla-floral blend in Classique edp, the vanilla drydown in Black Opium and the creamy vanilla in Sicily. The thing is, I love all these perfumes! So once I got over my snobby 'I need something new and special'phase, I admitted to myself that Illicit suits me to a t.

Now for the actual perfume: It opens with spicy ginger and oranges, it can be a little sharp and bitter some days, but it really gives a refreshing kick. After about 15 minutes it smoothes into warm, honeyed florals with vanilla and spice, reminding me of the festive season and cocooning inside when it is cold and wet outside. The drydown is creamy and comforting, honey, vanilla and caramel and still a hint of spices. It is a sweet perfume, but by no means the kind of modern day gourmand sweet no ethyl maltol overdose here.

The combination with citrus and spice keeps the sweetness from becoming cloying, and from being girly pink. It is a confident and laidback sweet and cocooning perfume to me. I am absolutely in love with this perfume. I do not know why this isn't more well known. There are so many notes that are very different but work together so well. At first this is pretty sweet but that only lasts about 15 mins. It quickly dries down into a more subtle fragrance then eventually evolves even further.

Everyone needs to at least try this. Only sprayed it on this morning and already received about 10 compliments regarding my nice perfume and its not even 9am.

I bought it because my friend have it, and it smells amazing on her. Thanks you Jimmy Choo for creating this wonderful fragrance. Definitely a winner for me. I am kind of disappointed in this. I fail to locate ginger and orange, its sweet and full of jasmine and sandalwood two of my favorite notes so of course I like it.

It reminded me of Tommy Bahamas perfume for women. All in all its not a bad perfume but kind of generic. I don't get any flowers or ginger, and barely any honey.

What I get is soft caramel and vanilla, which I love. The What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? possible resemblance to black opium I can see is that they are both kind of similar in a sweet base.

No relation to flowerbomb whatsoever. Longevity isn't bad, maybe 3-4 hours On me that's fantasticsillage is pretty decent too, I find myself wearing this quite a bit. I like this fragrance myself but I tend to like citrus-vanilla-gourmand perfumes for daytime anyway. Where this really shines is its affect on my husband. Orange blossom is the least voted note here at the moment? I get a lot of orange blossom from Illicit.

It smells like oranges and their blossoms, both drenched in honey, based on caramel and sandalwood. The ginger gives it a slight spicy twist. Overall, there is a lot to like: The caramel note is dreamy and the honey is good, too I sometimes find honey gross on me. The notes What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? together well, I get nice creamy sweet wafts and it lasts really long on me. I can't figure out where it's coming from - is it the spicy ginger? I'm really not sure what it is.

It's stronger from up close and not noticeable all the time, but when it is, it's really annoying. Luckily, there are enough other honeyed orange blossom perfumes I can choose from. If you want a really sweet one, try Illicit though, maybe it just doesn't work with my skin.

Edit: The problematic note is not cashmere wood, I usually get along with that one and don't find it scratchy. It will last all day on me and at dry down I mostly smell the amber and honey. It What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? sweet but not cloying. Its subtle enough for an office. Two sprays lasts me all day. I still find this a beautiful fragrance that I like.

I now tend to use 3-5 sprays because I like my perfumes to be a bit stronger than I used to. It lasts all day and is great for cooler weather. Longevity: 7-9 hours What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? arm's length and draws closer as it ends its longevity. It is a great scent when you want something cozy. Read the notes first because some may find certain notes that don't agree with their skin. A fresh type of sweetness. I enjoy this just as much as some of my high end more expensive perfumes.

It can definitely hold its own and I would choose to wear this to a special occasion. Very warm and comforting and unique. I was so excited when I received it as a gift. Beautiful, elegant bottle, warm and sweet honey-vanilla scent, but not in a harsh way. It is winter here, I love it on me on these cold days, makes me feel warm and better and makes me smile.

Only negative I can say after the first weesk is that longevity is really a disappointment. It wears off me after 1-2 hours, which is a shame cause I absolutely love the fragrance. We'll see how it works as it gets warmer ; You must like very sweet, very feminine scents to like this. It is a pretty, girl scent and it doesn't play when it comes to that honey + caramel combo. I love how the ginger plays off of it at the top though; the opening is downright edible and the drydown is a sweet, honey-saturated wood with a bright citrus element.

It is definitely a warm smell but because of its girliness I find it summer appropriate, and that is most likely when I would wear it if I had a bottle myself. Beware if you hate gourmands, teenybopper scents, or the ultra feminine. My husband loves when I layer Jimmy Choo Illicit with Commodity Gold for women.

Together, it pumps up the honey in Illicit to the high gourmand heavens, which, for my sweet tooth, is amazing! My husband absolutely loves the combination and always says I smell mmmmm good.

What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? of my perfumes are just ok to him, but this combo he will request so I recommend giving this a try. I sampled Illicit today and find that it smells very similar to Armani Code For Women. They have multiple notes in common including ginger, bitter orange, honey, jasmine, and vanilla.

Illicit is spicier with a stronger ginger note and Code has more citrus. They are both very nice sweet and spicy florals with warm sweet honey. I already own Code and love it, so I don't feel the need to purchase Illicit since it's so similar. This is a beautifully balanced mildly sweet alluring scent.

I would not think of this exactly as illicit, more possibly somewhat seductive, although dressed conservatively in an office setting I doubt this fragrance would raise a single eyebrow or offend. I like this offering even better than the original Jimmy Choo fragrance, as it really seems quite versatile and can work in I feel What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

seasons and many settings, unlike it's predecessor. Illicit is an absolutely charming perfume. My husband isn't a fan of vanilla or sugary perfumes, and I despise most florals. Trying to find a perfume that we both enjoy has been exhausting. I explained to the Sephora girl my predicament, and she suggested I try this. Upon first smell, I was washed over with a memory scent: Las Vegas! It smells like the scent they pump into the high end hotels, mingled with the perfumes of rich women coming back from a night on the town.

I adore sandalwood scents, and love What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? Vegas, so I asked her to decant me a sample. I've been wearing it for a few hours now, and although I enjoy the smell, I wish it lasted longer. I was also surprised that my husband didn't hate it. Overall, I really like this perfume. I sense no flower in here, no rose, no What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?. A citrus opening leading to a full development of the florals, those are orange blossom and rose, moderately sweet, not overpowering.

A salty effect, a caramelized patchouli that makes an appearance too, and then it stabilizes into slightly smoked honeyed florals. A very nice little perfume, I don't see it as anything groundbreaking; anyways Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo was and is their absolute hit, but if you like the overall combination if notes listed, give Illicit a shot, it smells just how it's supposed to. I was expecting something very different due to its name.

It evokes the opposite to me, its very warm and inviting, calm and peaceful fragrance. Very honey heavy, it smells just like those honey body products from Oriflame. I do enjoy the smell, not sure if I would buy the full bottle but it is quite nice and pleasant indeed.

The lasting power was quite good on me as well! I have sniffed and used the free sample of it. Illicit, which means something illegal or sinful. But the smell is quite polite and sweet. At the first sprits strong gingery orange blossom is smelled which quickly turns in to deep summer rose. As it dries the scent becomes a well balanced combination of deep amber, honey and caramel. Basically honey is prominent The smell lasted almost 7 hours on my skin with moderate but noticeable sillage.

And I am pleased with it's strength. Illicit is good for cool weather. Best for fall and winter, day and night. I won't suggest it for summer as citrus is very low note in Illicit. Finally I can say it's a honey floral sweet fragrance.

Good for polite and sweet woman with soothing personality. I dont know if its something wrong with my nose but this smells like fanta to me but without the soda bubles, not exactly something i would pay for. I love original Jimmy Choo, which i found alluring, delicious and sexy while being pleasant in many circumstances, but this smells sweet and unsofisticated at all. But maybe it works better for some. This perfume is pretty tame. It's likable, light and casual to wear.

It leans slightly to the warm side but I would call it a medium. The spicy ginger ties in beautifully with the sweet, soft honey. These two notes are the strongest to my nose. Jasmin and sandalwood show up after a few minutes. I can smell tasty traces of caramel between them. Bitter orange creates a positive What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?. This goes well with the ginger. This perfume doesn't blend into my skin; it lies on top of it. It's gone within a few hours but I like it anyways.

A polite but sunny sweet citrus and honey floral fragrance. This is the kind of tame but not boring perfume I like when I don't wear 'diva' perfumes like Chanel No 5 or big powdery iris and rose perfumes like Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose. Illicit is a clean fresh scent very appropriate for day wear in spring and summer. Works out great as a casual and formal scent, though it is very relaxed and laidback. Initially I detected the soft spices of cardamom and ginger with vanilla.

So while vanilla is said to be in the dry down I picked up on the vanilla or vanilla flower right away. It's there mixed up with the citrus notes of bitter orange and orange blossom. On my skin the citrus is sweet What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

bitter and it's clean and juicy and very long lasting. In fact for me this is almost entirely citrus based. The honey is also prominent very sweet. The perfume dries into the cashmere wood and vanilla. It's cozy and bright like a little neck scarf made of light fabrics.

Such a pretty feminine scent. Nothing about it is vulgar or outrageous or gaudy. It's a clean floral with gourmand touches of vanilla and even caramel which is there with the amber. Sweet tasty perfume but nothing to go nuts about.

I don't think bitter orange works on my skin, second time I've tried a scent with bitter orange and it went kinda cat pee on me lol very glad I had a decant to test before I blind bought a bottle. It really isn't at all what I expected. Illicit is a very pretty gourmand white floral in the vein of the Juicy's but it's not really my thing and yeah the bitter orange lol silage is pretty decent and I can see how people could really like this one.

Illicit which means illegal doesn't smell like anything illegal or sinful or crazy. I love the bottle very vintage made of glass and the scent is clean, fresh, sweet edible vanilla and caramel with orange blossom. It's an edible floral gourmand perfect for the summer which is now upon us. I live in California and Florida at different times of the year. This is so summery and delicious, feminine, powdery and beautiful. More day time day wear than evening formal. At the first spritz my nose is able to detect citruses a bitter orange and a deep juicy orange juice with a neroli or orange blossom scent.

It's fresh and citrusy but pleasant and not cheap or typical citrus. Then it quickly turns floral with an unmistakable rose and orange blossom that takes over the heart. I don't pick up on jasmine maybe just a touch but it's mostly a good pairing of rose and orange blossom. Roses and citrus go well together and this is an example of how gorgeous they can be in the same perfume. This is a summer rose, not green What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

not candied either. It dries rather quickly and becomes a deep amber with caramel and vanilla. I like the vanilla in this scent as What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? dries turning into a very inoffensive and light caramel-vanilla amber. Finally I would like to add that this is still available at some Macy's stores and online sites like Amazon. What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? have not had the misfortune of getting duped with knockoffs or imitations.

This is exactly the same scent I smelled at a catalog for Macy's that had a sample test strip. It's much better on the human skin than on paper. Delicious fresh orange juice with roses and vanilla caramel what more can I ask for? This perfume elevates my femininity and it's enchanting and sexy and sweet. Not crazy pheromone sexual but inviting. Guys love it on me. Sweet and heady with a nice waxy note. I get a good dose of Angel-like patchouli vanilla and a waxy scent that reminds me of the wax note I love in Habit Rouge.

Of the listed notes I would say that jasmine, orange blossom, vanilla and caramel stand out the most for me. I find it really pleasant and I don't always love sweet girlie designer perfumes. It started out very floral and mellowed into a sweet orange blossom vanilla that was really creamy and delicious. It is orange blossom, Carmel, Amber, and vanilla strongest, with a clean Rose actually acting as a contrast to the syrupiness. I get the honey, but it's more of a background note on me with toasty caramel coming through stronger.

There is a cashmere wood and musk note that I think is part of the waxiness I origionally smelled. The ginger is mainly a spicy warmth. I don't sense any middle notes, no flowers there.

Plus, I decided I don't like ginger as note, at least not as a strong one. So with the honey and ginger it is spicy sweet and almost seems like something you should be drinking if you're sick. Heck, I'd even take the rose! Just boring, gifting to a friend. Unless anyone is interested in a swap? You know, after I've made it sound so appealing. Like someone mentioned earlier, this fragrance smells like the What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

of some other perfume. A bit of flowerbomb, a bit of black opium and some la vie est belle added to the mix: here you go, What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? have illicit. It is a nice smell, though, has What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?

good lasting power but there's nothing groundbreaking nor memorable about it. I loved the clean honey note here and spritzed gleefully.

Disappointed, I placed it on the Blind Buy Blunder shelf and resigned myself to the notion that honey scents just may not work with my skin. I kept getting the most wonderful wafts of scent floating up, a delicious scent of honey and quiet sophistication. It wasn't sticky, wasn't candy-sweet, it was What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? honeyed, understated elegance. I pressed my nose to my arm and--??

But move my arm away and inhale the sillage alone,and the scent is nearly intoxicating. I've never owned a fragrance before where I don't like the smell on my skin but adore the sillage. I didn't know that was even possible. It's a new and strange phenomenon, and that makes it even more delightful. Part of the enjoyment of my perfume hobby is the ongoing search for new experiences.

I love the sillage of this so much that I went and bought a second large-size full bottle, just so I can spritz my duvet at bedtime and let the scent float around me while I drift off. It's that comforting and inviting to me. My very first Jimmy Choo is probably my most successful blind buy to date. For me this conjures designer jeans and a white shirt, paired with a sparkling diamond ring and matching studs. The bottle design reflects that as well, completely display-worthy; no kitschy kiddy bottles here.

I'm in the 35+ range and don't go for overly young or candy-sweet scents. I wonder if some others who found this What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? or overly sweet may have gotten one of the all-too-prevalent knockoffs that are all over the Internet for every scent these What is the mystery Fanta Flavour?.

I What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? burned a couple times myself and now have to be very careful when buying online. I'm not a fragrance snob by any means. But this one is just awful. This is literally Paris Hilton's Can Can in a prettier bottle. It's straight sweet notes, and powder which I'm sure is the amber note.

I get absolutely zero honey. I thought this was just going to be a slightly sweeter and warmer version version of that but nope. Doesn't even smell like it's got honey in it to be honest. I also blind bought Paris Hilton's Can Can years ago when I first began diving into the fragrance world and I hated that one too.

This is 10X sweeter than Britney Spears Fantasy. Sweet and floral, this one is honey done right. It's not too sticky but sweet enough to catch attention. So far it seems to wash off pretty easily on skin.

But I also sprayed this once on my hoodie and two days later I can still smell it where I sprayed. I see no comparison to black opium, that one has a strong coffee note that is not in here at all. Gets my partner to purrrr, it's not a groundbreaking fragrance but it certainly is interesting and charming enough to add a bottle to your collection. It is really sweet in the vibe of Fancy by Jess Simpson, very cocooning, warming and feminine. It is totally dominated by vanilla and honey which after couple of hours invite floral notes to speak up and soften it's incredibly sweet edge.

Not much amber to my nose, unfortunately, as I love amber :- Lasting power and silage are What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? moderate side, I was hoping to squeeze an extra couple of hours by layering with same body lotion and it almost worked. I get complimented when I wear it, it appears to be detectable to others even if I no longer smell it on me. Great choice for winter, for romantic dates, evenings out, as well as work.

I love it's sweetness and versatility. I highly recommend it to all oriental vanilla on the edge of gourmand lovers out there :- Jimmy choo illicit is exactly what I hoped boucheron place vendome edp to be it was veryyyy soapy on my skin Honey and other sweet notes+florals+spicy citruses:this combo is always a winner for me no matter how many times it's done.

I find it feminine,delicious,sensual and classy and although it's not original I love it simply because I love how it smells on me and also it seems to be a crowd pleaser and a compliment grabber. I like it as it is but if it was sweeter I'd have no problem It stays for almost 7 hours on my skin with moderate but noticeable sillage,so I'm pleased with it's strength.

I love how everything is in it's right amount. This combination of notes creates a candied-floral smell for me. I don't pick up much ginger for some reason!

The jasmine becomes more prominent, and the honey fades even though it is supposedly a base notealong with the orange, but then shortly afterward, the jasmine fades too! Soon, I am left with a slightly dusty, faded vanilla note, so I guess Illicit is just too light for my skin chemistry. If only the honey note intensified over time. It's warm sexy and sophisticated without trying hard at all.

To be honest the name does puzzle me. What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? don't find it illicit at all on the contrary I find it alluring and intoxicatingly good! It's not a perfume to pass up at least give it a good week of wear before dismissing it!

To me it's a perfect fall and winter scent it will warm you up. The delight it is to wear! I personally fell In love with it the first time I sampled it at Macy's I kept sniffing the paper sample and on skiN it's even nicer! Smooth rich and satisfying longevity is good projection is arms length definitely not going to offend anyone around you! I bought this due to a recommendation from the lady at a local Macy's. It is semi-complex but not tooo complicated. Gently sweet with a hint of sophistication.

It couldn't scream at anyone if it tried yet it stands its ground for sure. Lasts all day, no need for respray. I don't get the resemblance to Black Opium that has been mentioned a few times. I wouldn't even think the two were made on the same planet. The opening is so beautiful, it's my favourite part- the sweetness is cooled down by the ginger and the bitter orange, so the perfume gets a truly bitter feeling in the begining.

After that, it sits on the skin very, but very gourmand-sweet. I can only feel the honey and amber. The sillage is modest,but the longevity is pretty good.

I think that in the winter and in the cold days feels wonderful. Also I see myself wearing this one with a very sexy black dress and high hills. Illicit -- what an odd name for such a soft, gentle perfume. It's being promoted as a seductive perfume, a scent for a temptress. But this has a young, innocent quality. Lightly floral and warm with a luscious honey and amber base. A good choice for those overwhelming summer days, a great first perfume for a budding Perfumnista.

Beautiful perfume and beautiful bottle but nothing about it seems illicit. This smelled a little familiar when I first sprayed - and then it came to me. Never was a perfume so aptly named. After the initial very pleasant sweet, flowery scent dries down, this rapidly becomes a skin scent.

A safe blind buy, very office friendly due to the limited sillage. You'll need to take it out with you as it's going to need frequent refreshing.

So, it appears there What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? be a similarity to that which I think others have commented on. I got a small tester of this a few days ago. At first spraying it is a strong scent, but when it dries down I only smell the honey-amber base.

I don't really smell the other notes and didn't even know that there was a ginger in there! Overall I really like the smell, but I wouldn't buy a full bottle since I like more heavy, complicated scents. It comes What is the mystery Fanta Flavour? as a very clean fragrance. The ginger is nice as it adds a very soft natural bit of spice.

The honey adds a natural sweetness as well. If someone wants to smell lovely, but not particularly like perfume, then this one does the job nicely. This is a perfume that I seem to become desensitized to very quickly, because I cannot for the life of me believe that the staying power would be so weak. I sprayed it on my arm an hour ago, the opening reminded me of the baby of Lady Million and Jimmy Choo closer to the former.

Now I can barely even detect where I sprayed it through smelling my way across my arm. Armani Code is a million times more interesting on my skin and to my nose, and I much prefer the original Jimmy Choo to this one. It's nice enough but definitely not full bottle material for me.

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