Question: Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?

Autism is not being socially awkward Its not awkwardness. Autistic people are often excellent at socialising with each other, where they can avoid eye contact, stim, avoid small talk, share information and rely on their own natural communication preferences.

Is Social Anxiety a form of autism?

Autism and social anxiety are two separate conditions. Autism is neurodevelopmental condition and presents in early childhood, whereas social anxiety disorder is a mental health condition that can develop in childhood or adulthood. People can have one or both.

Whats a good job for someone with social anxiety?

Working with animals provides people with SAD an opportunity to avoid or limit social interaction. Working as a groomer or dog walker is a great position for someone with social anxiety because theyre offered at different locations, such as pet stores, private homes, and veterinary clinics.

Are ADHD and Aspergers related?

With regard to ADHD and Aspergers , there is a large overlap in symptomology. In my experience, roughly 60-70 percent of children with Aspergers Syndrome have symptoms which are compatible with an ADHD diagnosis. In fact, so common are ADHD symptoms in PDD that the PDD diagnosis technically subsumes ADHD.

Can someone with social anxiety get a job?

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) can interfere with employment. Attending school, college, or university, going on job interviews, and performing in a work environment can be difficult if you live with this disorder. Those who do find themselves maintaining employment may still struggle daily.

What jobs require little social interaction?

If you prefer solitude, a job that requires little human interaction might be the best route to professional success for you....Jobs where you dont have to deal with peopleCustodian. ... Data entry clerk. ... Security guard. ... Medical transcriber. ... Veterinary technician. ... Graphic designer. ... Laboratory technician. ... Medical coder.More items...•1 Apr 2021

What is the loneliest job in the world?

The “loneliest job in the world” is a reference to the presidency of the United States, supposedly a supremely lonely and isolating job because of the enormous responsibility that it entails.

How do homeschooling parents teach their kids to interact with others — other kids, grown-ups, other cultures, other faiths, etc. How wise of her to give such good consideration to parenting her kids, instead of just jumping into what sounds good at the moment. I have also known some public school kids who are socially awkward.

I have known some private school kids who are socially awkward. I have known grown adults who are socially awkward. I have had coworkers who are socially awkward. I have gone to church with people who are socially awkward.

I have stood in line at the grocery store with people who are socially awkward. I have had lovely conversations with people who are socially awkward. Some people are just socially awkward. Sometimes I am socially awkward. Sometimes all of us are socially awkward. And after a while, reading the word awkward over and over again just becomes awkward. So my point is: home Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?

does not create a socially awkward student or adult, any more or less than public school or private school. That statement, in my opinion, is a fact.

Ha, I made myself giggle when I first wrote that sentence, which I have to admit, feels a tad bit…socially awkward. I Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? this is a great question that Jill asks. Home schooling does keep a child from some experiences that they may otherwise have if they were in a school environment.

In our experience, we have found that while in some ways we are protecting them — in many ways we are actually preparing them.

Our kids get an incredible amount of rich social interaction with all varieties of people when we go to church; when we participate in various ministries; when we invite people to our home; when they take part in many various home school and community activities and sports; when they do odd jobs for others with their dad; when they go to the bank or store or library or post office…the list is endless really.

On the contrary, I am grateful for the vast opportunities they have to develop social skills while they interact frequently with people of all varieties of ages, abilities, disabilities, and seasons in life.

No school — home, public, or private can do all and be all and provide all. But above all, no matter how you school your kids, the main goal should be to teach them to be servants of God. I would deeply appreciate it if you take the same kind of care as you leave a comment. There will be no kid or parent bashing allowed — whether it is related to home, public, or private school. Keep your comments kind and positive — anything less would just be downright socially awkward.

Filed Under: Tagged With:,Laura- Great post! I am 30 and a home school graduate. I never went to public school. My husband is a pastor and we oversee the Jr. High ministry at our church- about 120 students.

You are right when you say that there are awkward kids in each category. The thing I find most puzzling about this question is that it assumes that public school provides well balanced socialization. Since when is spending all day with the same age group socialization? I was around old, young, rich, poor, homosexuals, gang members, drug addicts, conservatives, liberals, white, black, Asian- you name it!

I was taught to kindly and politely interact with all peoples. My parents did a wonderful job of teach us that the world is more than the little, yes, bubble, we live in as a child. We even see this in our youth group. The home schooled kids are usually the more friendly, welcoming, confident and servant-like students.

A bubble is a good thing. The schools are not filled with people who love Christ. We talk with parents of Jr. High students over and over again who wonder why their children are starting to abandon their faith. Home school children are less likely, according to statistics, to walk away from their faith. If you are interested in a great book, Ken Ham wrote Already Gone. My husband read it this summer and has been recommending it to everyone!

I pray God gives you all wisdom as you make a very serious decision! Oh, and we have 2 children so far who are 2 and 1. Blessings, Jaclyn Jaclyn, You may not realize how negative this post comes across. We are raising our family in a Christian home and we are sending our children to private school. They are doing fantastic in school — they are learning a great deal and experience so many great things. There are some negatives — but there are some negatives in home schooling and private schooling as well.

I think home educating is a great choice for families that can do this. Telling us how big of a mistake we are making by putting them in a Godless setting, being spoon fed their education…comes across as very arrogant. You dont know all the reasons behind a decision to send children to school — it is not because we care less than you, it is not becasue we are naive to the ways of the world, it is not because we value our faith less.

We send our kids to school and we work and pray very hard along with our children and they are thriving. Homeschooling is not a guarantee that your children will turn out just like you planned….

Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?

Please support those of us who make a different choice than you — I wholeheartedly support you and your decision. I admire those that do have the patience and dedication to home educate — some of us choose to go to public school. My children are 15, 12 and 11 and they are thriving — in church, at home and at school.

We are fortunate to know many families that home educate — it is a great choice and experience for them and we applaud them for it. Please afford us the same. We Christians have too much Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?

coming from the World to be so critical of each other. They lady who was homeschooled herself is just giving her opinion of the situation she is in. A young friend was homeshcooled. She then went to the local private college to become a teaacher.

She practice taught in a school with a lot of what they call high risk kids. She graduated midyear and went to the opposite coast of the country to substitute teach in inner city schools. While she was being homeschooled they had hosted an exchange student from China.

She went to China to teach English as a second language and also evangelize as she is a Christian. She says it just happened to be near the town the exchange student was from. I was a shy public schooler who had few friends. I Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?

have friends, but not many. I lived and taught in a small community, out in the countryside. There were a ton of socially awkward students that went through my classroom over those five years. The teachers did their best to try to teach social skills, but it would have been far easier if the children were learning how to interact properly from their own parents.

It takes so much more time as a teacher to attempt to teach this! Okay — well, I would take some of that back. If you place most homeschooled students into a room by themselves, and then bring in 30 students their ages, who have been public- or private-schooled, the homeschooler may feel socially awkward and may not always be accepted by the public- and private-schooled students.

And would he be one of the most popular students? Is he prepared and comfortable with going to group gatherings and being friendly and open to making new acquaintances? I have many friends who deeply love me, and the feeling is mutual. We, fortunately, even have a 4th alternative here. K-4th grade goes to our school 2 days a week and 5-12th grade goes to our school 3 days a week.

I love my Mondays and Wednesdays with my girls and they absolutely love it as well. They are only young once. My oldest turns 13 this weekend and I can hardly believe it! I wish we had that alternative here! I have my oldest in private school for pre-K and will again for kindergarten, at least because, honestly, she drives me crazy if she is always home with me.

Anitra, It is hard to find this type of schooling right now. But I really believe you are going to start seeing them spring up all over the place. Our school is steadily increasing each year as the word gets out. I live in Georgia :- This made me laugh!! Yes, you did understand me correctly. We attend an actual school of 183 kids k-12th grade. Is this the same Julie that asked the original question? We get comments about others mainly family members concern that our sons will be socially awkward.

I think a lot of it is because they assume we are in our house alone all day everyday. But there are field trips and errands and as long as the parents encourage interaction with other children and adults I see no reason why a homeschooled child would have less social skills than a public or private schooled child. Some of it could be personality Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? well. My oldest, 5, is a very talkative child. I think this I one of the biggest misconceptions regarding homeschool because others are not aware of all of the group activities co-ops, sports, clubs that are available to homeschool families.

I am just beginning the homeschool journey at this point and I still have much to learn.

Social Awkwardness Does Not Always Mean Autism

However, I want to make a comment about social interaction. I believe that one of the big problems in society is the breakdown of the family. I feel that our society has placed social interaction with peers — friendships — at such a high priority that kids learn to put those relationships at a higher level of importance than relationships with parents and siblings. Kids think being with friends is ultimate and being with family is a drag.

I believe it is much more important for a child to develop an understanding that the nuclear family needs to be the backbone of society and that peer friendships need to take the backseat in life. I pray God will give you wisdom and peace in your decision making process!

My husband teaches high school and we have witnessed several times a home schooled students trying to jump into public school as a freshmen. It seems to me that home school is becoming a fad and some are jumping on board without thinking long term.

My son jumped into highschool last year after having been homeschooled since Kindergarten and had no problems. He is an honor student and has made good friends and enjoys his experience. In addition, it seems that by highschool our kids have strong identities — they know who they are and where they are heading so moving to public school at that age seems right.

They are not likely Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? be pushed around or swayed by peer culture. Having said that, I do feel as a homeschooling mother, that I do need to make an effort to keep the kids engaged. Getting the said exposure sometimes is an added effort. With a new baby, I felt the need to just lock the door and stay inside reading to my children. I want him to work through the trials and tribulations of friendships. Social interaction is not hard to ensure with a bit of added effort.

Jill, teach your kids your standards and values and expose them to as many different types of people that you can. I really love the way you explained it. Much more eloquently than Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? could have. I have been homeschooling my twins since the 4th grade they are now in 7th and I have noticed that they are much kinder, friendlier and welcoming than their friends that still go to their old private school.

I love the way they interact with people who are older than they are. They listen to them and learn! Yes, I actually heard them say that! My kids have even shown an interest in mission work and have both joined groups at our church to further that interest. Kids who are homeschooled are normal. Yes I am sheltering my daughter.

I am sheltering her from learning how cruel children can be when someone looks different or dresses different while teaching her how to look past appearances in others. I am sheltering her from bullies. I am sheltering her from negative peer pressure until she is old enough and secure enough in her own beliefs and self worth to stand up for herself.

My daughter is very social and had friends that she plays with. I look at homeschooling as sort of a greenhouse, where our little seedlings are becoming big and strong. Incidentally, I find that homeschooled children generally have better social skills simply because they are not so immersed in their own peer group all day. They are better at accepting and interacting with different age groups and walks of life.

My elderly relatives were amazed at how much my children engaged with them during a recent visit. They were not sighing and acting bored or texting their friends the whole time.

Instead, they were very involved in conversation and showed a genuine interest in others. I homeschooled for half a year and we realized it did not fit for our family. We talked, I prayed, we thought and looked over finances and decided to enroll our boys in the Catholic school close to our home.

Just being in a large family teaches children a lot about getting along with different ages. None of our children have issues with interacting with anyone from babies to seniors. I love to watch them in action when we go to church. I had no idea that kind of arrangement existed!

Laura — have you heard of this? This actually seems like the answer I have been looking and praying for for a long time. There is a University Model school in our area that does that type of schedule. Google University Model schools and you should find a website that lists all of them across the country.

We are doing virtual public school with my daughter starting next school year. She will be in 5th grade. I may start my now 1st grader at some point if it turns out to be what we prefer. More self directed starting at 4th grade. Linda My children are homeschooled after spending 3 years in the public school system. There are several things I have noticed: the first is that they have some friends that attend the public school, and it seems they are much more concerned with who likes them, what they wear, what everyone thinks of them.

My girls are developing their personality and styles with my less influence of other kids. They are quite satisfied being themselves. Second thing is I definately can agree with the statement about lets be less social so we can stay home!! We attend a co-op, my kids are in 4-h, They all do some sort of music.

My oldest is taking part in state contests this weekend with her orchestra. My older two volunteer at the local library, and get rave reviews. My 14 year old is planning on going to Haiti this summer. Both my girls have gone through babysitting classes. In other words my kids are very socialized, just not in the way that they are sitting all day, being made to raise their hand to speak and having to ask permission to go to the restroom.

But above all, pray about what God would have you to do with your childrens education!! When I was in college I saw a freshman who was home-schooled.

It was obvious she was socially awkward. She was quiet, reserved, and naive. And in 6 months, she socialized just like everyone else. You would never have known she was home-schooled. I went to a private academy from 4-8th grade. I was the only one in my grade. My best friend was the only one in his grade.

We socialized well together but when I went to 9th grade at High School, the kids I knew back in 2nd and 3rd grade were there. Some ignored me, some talked to me and some bullied and badgered me. Then we moved to another state and I got socialized! I was ignored for the most part except for the guys at my woodshop table who loved to bully me. I knew how to get along with older people — my teachers loved me — and younger people — younger students appreciated my interest in helping them — but struggled mostly with kids my own age.

My first friend grew to a social group of friends he was connected with. And then another friends grew to another social group of friends. Soon I was friends with a wide range of people even my own age. I rarely even see people the same age that I am. I appreciate the honesty to say that every school develops socially awkward people — shy, reserved, adjusting to please peers, loud, rude, unloving and unloved. But to base education, development and mental, emotional and spiritual formation on socializing is a weak argument.

People catch up as they grow up if they have relationships. I know 50 year old men who act like teenagers and they went to public school.

We home-school because we feel we can educate out kids well in less time Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?

there is less socializing and less social problems. We still deal with bullying leave your brother alone! And when we send our son to his Music class at the local elementary school — you should see Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?

kids who are excited to see him. Whenever we are in a new town, new hotel, new swimming pool or library or playground…what have you, my kids are eager to approach other children of all ages and backgrounds to introduce themselves and ask to play. I have noticed more and more my girls are 6 and 7 now that children outside their immediate age group are unwilling to interact. I believe just my opinion here this is a result of the almost strictly lateral peer interaction kids get in public school.

I remember this well from my Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? public school days. Another benefit to homeschooling is as children meet and see people who are different from them they learn from their parents how to respond, interact and help. I was home schooled and I get asked that questions a lot.

In fact, I was 20 when I graduated from University. I started teaching at a public school the year after I graduated because that is where I felt God calling me to be. I worked with inner city kids and I loved them very much.

I was a young teacher with lots of new ideas and a lot of passion. I was approached in the halls one day by a teacher. She then said to me that she found out I was home schooled and that explained a lot to her about how I act.

She said that it made since to her that I would be socially awkward because I was home schooled. This came from a woman who needed a lot of love. She was a lone and sad.

The next year at the same school she came to school intoxicated. I had been haunted by what she told me in the hall that day because I was young and thought there might be something wrong with me, but when God started to open my eyes to see that this woman needed prayer, I realized I was not socially awkward.

It was more the love and passion I had for my job that people thought was weird. I am ok with that because I taught because that is what I was called to do and God lead me to that school to be a witness.

It was more the love and passion I had for my job that people thought was weird. I am ok with that because I taught because that is what I was called to do and God lead me to that school to be a witness. Laura, You stated this wonderfully. I have been homeschooling my children for 12 years now, my oldest did go to a private school for the first 4 years, and I have seen all sides of this. All I can say is that if you have prayed about your choice your children will be blessed by your choice Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?

will grow in their walk with God. I would never go back to were we were before but God has different plans for each of us. You need to follow his plan for your family. I have very strong children who are praised by their employers for their wonderful values and work ethic. I believe homeschooling helped to instill these values, however, I believe a faithful parent who is led by the Lord can instill these same values in any situation.

Every parent is different and every child is different and so curriculum choice is as varied as thumbprints out there. The other place to look for favorites is in Practical Homeschooling Magazine.

She does a favorites contest every year so you can see what is popular. But homeschooling can be trendy, too. They you can see people present on different homeschool styles. Oh, and I love Apologia Science. I agree with others, this will look different for every family. The only one I can recommend from experience my daughter is in kindergarten is Saxon math.

Sometimes we do four lessons a day just because we can. And my oldest is only in kindergarten! She has been using it for 6 years now. I have previewed and used many other curricula, and there are a lot of good choices.

Rainbow Resources has a 2 inch catalog full of everything you can think of with good descriptions. The only subject I veer off with is Math. We use Singapore Math U. What do kids Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? in public school. There is no neutral, you are either for God or you are not.

It is proven statistically that Children are more well rounded. Better Educated than the public school system. We have sent our children to public school, to a private Christian school, and we have home schooled.

Let God lead you through your seasons of life and let Him guide you in your decisions. Every child is different and has different needs, … pray about it. Homeschooling has afforded them an opportunity to be exposed to more than just their own age group all day and that has been invaluable to their social education.

But they have good people in their lives and mentors beyond my husband and I that God has put in their lives through the opportunities they have because we homeschool. Yes, it is possible to raise well adjusted and Godly kids who attend school outside home.

Laura, great response to the original question! To reader Jill of the original question: All types of schooling choices have pros and cons. It helps me to put things in writing when making big decisions like this.

I make 2 columns for pros and cons. Then see and star the ones that have more weight or are more important. Honestly, the socialization aspect was never even a consideration against homeschooling for me. So — some aspects are just a matter of how you look at it :.

Regarding socialization of homeschoolers: If you ever feel that your children need more interaction with others outside of your home there are tons and tons of different opportunities to seek out for different types of interaction.

We have done enrichment classes, 4-H, park days, 4-H, classes with groups like Biology labs, 4-H, church activities, sports, oh, and have I mentioned 4-H?? I feel that through the years they have had just enough exposure and dealings with difficult people to learn how to handle themselves, but not so much that it squelches their spirit and changes who they are.

Our reasons for homeschooling have evolved and changed so you may see that as well. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to homeschool; and am glad for all of us to have the choice to school at home, private, or public schools. The entire focus is on social engineering …social justice … one of the books that was required reading was The Communist Manifesto.

The thrust is purely political. If you want to know more about the principles and methods being used in the furtherance of this social justice agenda, please do some digging on this publication. The place we see our society heading, deviancy defined way downward, coarse and morally-bankrupt behavior, is a direct result of the moral-relativism being taught in out schools. Schools are no longer about the basics: reading, writing, and arithmetic.

They are about creating good Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? marxist children yes, I have seen nearly this exact sentence in correspondence between professors. They are about social engineering. I believe most parents, if they were to spend a week sitting in the same classrooms their children do, would be shocked to know the political propaganda that their children are being exposed to on a daily basis in public schools. I did, and I was.

It was great to read and discuss together and I would highly recommend it to homeschooling families. What it says, explicitly, is truly an eye opener! My dc are more able to recognize Marxism and not buy into it because of reading his own words. We also read Animal Farm at that time. My husband is in higher ed and sees what you describe. I will say, though, that there are many good, solid teachers in public schools that are not promoting that stuff.

I like to think that I was one of them :. I had already decided at one point that if a certain book was adopted that I would refuse to use it. I only share that to show that there are many out there who actually want to protect your children from the social engineering and truly uphold the rights of the parents. Great commentary and thanks for sharing! I think the social awkwardness claim is the biggest myth of homeschooling.

They are around kids of all ages and adults, too. My kids are constantly on the run ages 17 down to 4 and we have to make a conscious effort to be home to homeschool. My oldest just started her first college class as a junior in high school. We have to be selective in the activities we choose because with 5 kids, it can get overwhelming and I love a snow day. That means it snowed enough that the roads are bad and I have an excuse to stay home!!

There are different cultures in different environments. They can do group activities like club meetings, prepping for contests, or even singing Christmas Carols at retirement homes like we did with a 4-H club. We try to group errands with homeschool activities. That lowers the driving hours but we stay connected. Hi Renee — You sound like me.

They also play outside with children from these activities. We do not get involved with a co-op. Jill, I think it is so important to pray with Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?

Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?

husband about your decision. Our first grader is in a public charter school. However, my husband reminded me that God needs his children in all places. You see, this can be done, like Laura said, with all the avenues outside the classroom, around the community or in the classroom. So pray about it, and see where God might be leading you and your husband in this area. I grew up with 11 siblings; half of us attended the local schools while the second half were homeschooled.

I highly doubt that today anyone could pick out differences in our schooling. My first two children were quite shy when young while my third is extremely social and chatty all homeschooled — I think the biggest factor is really personality. My son went to a local school last year and has excelled. I feel like the protection our kids are afforded by homeschooling contributes enormously to their ability to become such strong, assured people. They have, however, been very active in the community.

My kids are involved in music, sports, they volunteer in various areas, etc. So they are not living in an isolated bubble. I was never sure of myself that I was teaching him enough during his homeschooling years, but not only was he awarded two nice scholarships for technical college and graduated with honors, he was often praised by his teachers for his good work ethic which many of the other students did not have.

He is now 24, has a good career, is well-liked by many people, and has a strong faith. Always pray about what God wants for your child and your family. Home schooled children are a cross section of society, just as children who go to learning establishments are a cross section of society. There have been free-learning to strictly scheduled, awkward socially to the life of the party, learning slackers to dedicated students.

Individuals with individual Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?, characteristics, flaws and lives. Thank you for this post, Laura!! My husband and I have been planning to homeschool our almost three year old. Most of our friends are beginning to enroll their children in preschool and its brought this topic to the forefront for us. Your post could not have been more timely!!! I was home schooled my entire life, only went to preschool.

I agree that there are socially awkward people in all circles. I saw quite a few at the home schooling get togethers we went to.

Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?

I remember when I was a teen, bringing a public school friend with me, and some of the parents treated her like a leper. I was lucky in that my parents allowed me freedom to be in lots of outside circles and meet all kinds of kids. We had lots of young people in the neighborhood that I hung out with, youth group at our huge church, and I got a job at the mall when I was 16.

Great post and great comments. My husband and I have been discussing homeschool for a while now. We have a 6 year old who is in kindergarten and a 4 year old. I have a full-time job and I work from home. My husband lost his job a few years ago and has said that he would be open to doing the homeschooling if we go that route. But I know me — I would want to be right in there with them, too! She said that she was convicted by the verse about teaching your kids about the Lord when they go in and go out, etc.

Plus in his pre-K, they watched a ton of movies — many of them I was appalled to find out about after the fact. Damage control can be hard! Worth each and every hard decision and each sacrifice made. Great blog, by the way! I just found you in the last day or two and am loving it. Thanks for all you do! I do great with people my own age, not so much with others.

I dislike that about myself. I hope they continue to develop social skills as they get older! I like what someone said about the seedlings…. I always think of it like the military. They go through lots of rigorous training first, and then they are put in real life situations.

On the field is not a good place to learn to prepare for these things! I love the idea of preparing my children for the real world rather than just throwing them in it. Giving them the tools and skills necessary to handle people and situations that will come up in life first, so that by the time they graduate high school, they are prepared and can stand their ground.

The article is lengthy, but if you scroll to the bottom, he sums up his points. There are lots Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? good posts and perspectives here! Here is my two cents…ask God. Get down on your knees regularly and pray. God is a good Father and He will guide you. He will lead you down a different path than others.

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You are unique; your child is unique. God Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? them and He knows them. Each one has its positive aspects. With love, Laura -proud public school parent of a middle schooler who loves God, hanging out with his family, does not cuss and has a real servant heart. Yes, there are Christians in public school.

My children have gone to public school my oldest before we moved hereprivate my 3 middle children before we started to homeschoolhomeschool through grade 6 and public school again, — grade 7 and up. My oldest has graduated from high school.

Socially gifted artists make it alright. But my son is comfortable being the sensitive giant, who wants to draw and compose music and not shoot lay-ups.

Does anyone know about Asperger's Syndrome?

He is in 6th grade at public school now, which was a difficult decision. I put him back a grade level so he could be in the correct age another important thing at school so he is far beyond his peers in size, academics and maturity.

However, he has the social skills of Albert Einstein, and probably the same athletic skills. But he wanted so desperately to go to school. There are many hard decisions involved in parenting and schooling. Now I am considering taking him back home, so he can return to his own pace, in his own world. I home schooled my oldest and even back then we had great resources here. Now there are home school academy that is through the state and you end up with the benefit of home school and children get teachers to answer those questions we are not good at.

I also had him in a lot of community programs like helping with the Humane Society. In additions there were group meetings for socialization. I never felt it harmful and I feel it was just the opposite! My parents were not interested in homeschooling, so I went to private Christian schools for K-8, and public highschool.

My oldest is in pre-K at a local Christian school, and gets reinforcement there on how to love God, love others, and be less selfish in her actions.

My husband wants to put her in public school by 2nd grade; I have mixed feelings about that, but we have a few years and will both keep praying about what is right for our family. Thank you, Laura for posting this. We work very hard at this even though they are gone during the day. I do believe they are little lights in a dark world, even at their age.

What about the opportunities to be around others that need Jesus? On a different note, one main reason I really consider homeschooling is simply the value of education. I feel i could do a better job at reaching my children than the public school system can. God wil use you wherever He leads you. You will be a light in darkness as you live your life. We have had many opportunities to be lights in our public schools. I am very thankful for those opportunities and believe God put me here for a reason.

One of the greatest privileges I have is to cover our schools in prayer. We have an enemy and he is out to kill, steal and destroy. I would ask all believing moms to cover their local schools in prayer, whether or not they attend them.

Keep praying, and confidently take the next step on the path you believe God has you on. If you are not on the right path, He will gently correct you. I mostly want to encourage the moms who feel like the public school is Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? place for them, but are afraid. God will strengthen your faith and use Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?. Of course, this could be true wherever they are educated!

May God bless each of you as you prayerfully consider what path God has for your child. I also feel that prayer is one thing we all need to do for all of our schools! My reasoning recently, for debating homeschool, has become more about education! I am a mom of 7, of which, 4 I homeschool the other 3 are not of school age, yet.

I read a great deal of the comments and there are many great and valid points. Our decision should be based on what God wants from our individual family. Not what society, our friends or our family say or think. Nor should it be based on and this is big …what we think! Where does God want your family. Advice from Christian blogs is so useful and I certainly listen to and ponder godly counsel but our decisions should be based on prayer, prayer and prayer.

I was completely against homeschooling when we only had one young daughter. I have degrees in science and teaching and I thought homeschoolers were crazy. However, Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? had different plans for our family. I felt that loving nudge He often gives when He wants me to go in a different direction so I started asking, ok, God what do you want from us.

Within 1 year, I was totally convinced that it was homeschooling our oldest daughter was 4 by this time. The first day of Kindergarten for our oldest came and we all took her to school. The teacher was wonderful, the class was 11 kids and an aid. I took 2 weeks to prepare Kindergarten materials and started homeschooling. I was clueless but God has ever so lovingly put many seasoned homeschoolers in my path. I pray He will be crystal clear with the schooling and every decision for your family!

In the meantime, you are so smart to keep reading and asking advice…God will put the people in your path He wants there to help you along! Romans 8:28 I totally agree. And I can say it has been such a wonderful blessing to our home. Is every family called to home school? Thank you so much for sharing! I so honored that you hung onto my quesition for discussion. Since I originally asked the quesition, my fiance and I have since married and are already expecting our first in June! All of the insight in the comments today are so thought provoking so thank you to everyone who responded!

My husband and I continue to pray and research about the best method for educating our future child. I really want to thank Laura for keeping my question in mind for discussion. Since asking it, my fiance and I have gotten married and are already expecting our first in June! The comments in this post are so insightful and thought provoking so thank you to everyone who responded.

My husband and I continue to pray about the right method for our children and I continue to do a lot of research. I consider us blessed to live in an urban area with lots of options for educating our chidren. I was homeschooled briefly, but most of my schooling took place at a private Christian school.

I think an unborn baby is a good analogy. When it is ready to face the world, the mother goes into Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?. Sometimes, though, babies are born premature and that can be a little bit more dangerous. But, either way, in the end things usually turn out fine.

I was a teacher before I had my babies, Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? planned on sending our kids to public school. Then God laid it on our hearts to send our daughter to a private school. Not even halfway through 1st grade, we were unsettled.

Our once thriving, social butterfly was changing into a sad, sad little girl. There were a few different issues that we pinpointed and worked on, but during that time, God started showing us that homeschooling our kids was something that we were capable of doing, and that we should try it.

Did we think homeschooling would solve all of our problems? But it was the answer God was giving us. Even though I had no idea what I was getting into at the time our kids were 6, 3, and 5 months oldbut even with all of the questions, I still felt a calmness about our decision. In my opinion, there must be one thing that we, as Christian parents, need to caution ourselves on and I mean this in the most respectful way… our children are growing and learning in their faith.

They mess up, make mistakes, have bad days and so do I! I know that I would not put the responsibility of being a light in a dark place on my young ones. Am I striving for that? Do we find ways to serve in our communities? But they are with my husband and I, so that we can teach them…we can observe, comment, correct, praise, and call their attention to things. I would not expect my children to do that on their own on a daily basis referring to a child in a school setting. One of my children wanted to give a Bible to a friend on the last day of school.

They were a little nervous but the friend accepted the Bible. My child was so happy to have shared the Bible. God gives each of us opportunities to share our faith with others in an appropriate way. It was a little scary for them, but I am so glad they did that! They are with others who have no guidance at home. Many of my friends, who I know seek the will of God, homeschool.

When we are at home, we teach the Word of God…. We are Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? Him daily!! I know there are so many benefits to it. We are in a position that allows our family to have access to many individuals that never see The Light! As long as we seek Him for all of our needs, He will reveal His plan. When our daughter was ready to start kindergarten, we believe that God called us to put her in a private school. We knew that due to her extreme sensitivity, she would not do well in a public school setting.

That, along with the state of the public school that she would go to, along with the small class size and wonderful kindergarten teacher all helped with our decision. However, God was preparing us for something else. When I look at my children, I know that they just my kiddos would not be able to handle the pressure of a school setting. Each one is a beautiful creature that has many gifts that I fear would not be nurtured in a school setting. My husband and I make sure that our children are around all types of other people in general.

Homeschooling has the flexibility that allows us to take trips to the store, bank, and other errands where my children interact with everyone seriously, they will discuss any topic with an absolute stranger. They just chat about Littlest Pets and Lalaloopsy dolls! Totally agree with all of this. It usually does no good to try and change their preconceived notions…funny how divisive homeschooling is!

What I love about home educating is that you Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? and your family can create the world you want for your children to flourish and grow. If you want your children to meet other people and get out, go out.

Really sometimes I wish we could be in a bubble. When we visit our downtown we see homeless folks, drunks and a variety other interesting individuals. When we attend theatre we encounter a whole new variety. For some though I know that their family avoids downtown because of who hangs around. But it is Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? choice. Home educating gives you the choice.

So are homeschool kids awkward? If it is who they are, yes. I can Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? you that I have three children. Two that are outgoing and socially adept anywhere. My youngest is not awkward but he can not stand being around a lot of people.

What is so cool is that he has had the opportunity to enter into the social world on his time schedule. Just so you know, he has gotten much better. We have had the opportunity now to experience first hand all three kinds of schooling options: home school, private school, and public school. Are we consistent with discipline? Are we living our faith, talking about the Word in all kinds of situations, not just during devotions or on Sunday?

As I have watched all kinds of families make all kinds of school choices, those factors seem to have made much more impact on the character of the children than what school choice they have made. I have seen many families who have chosen to homeschool when the family structure was not sound with disastrous results. They thought it would be the answer, but instead it exacerbated the problems that were already present. On the other hand, I have watched as godly Christian parents consistently modeled their faith and their kids have thrived in a public school setting.

I say this as a veteran home school mom of over 25 years. This book is a great resource, full of statistics. Ephesians 6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. I have 14 grandchildren and 6 of them are being home schooled. The things you point out in your article are so true. My public schooled grands are the same way. It depends on the parents and what,where, Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?, and how often they want their children exposed to outside Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?.

I think home schooling affords families many opportunities that public school does not. My grands that are home schooled are always going on field trips. Sometimes in larger groups, sometimes just as a family and they learn so many interesting things and are very interested in all sorts of things. My public schooled grands are sometimes jealous of all the field trips and leaning experiences they have.

We all get together very often and the older grands home and public schooled look out for and teach the younger ones. They are all very compassionate and loving kids and love to help and serve others. This goes for schooling also. We love being a part of our grand kids learning experiences also. God bless all of you bringing up children today to learn to love the Lord and serve and help others. Why is that the only concern people have when you say that you home school your children?

We have home schooled our children since 1998 when our oldest was 4. He is now in college and doing great. I could not have said it any better.

I totally agree — they can interact with anyone. Thanks for all you do. Our son and daughter in law homeschooled atheir four children and I have to say they did a fantastic job.

Their kids are outstandingly well adjusted, and seem so far ahead of their peers who attend public school. The two older boys did not attend Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? school until college, and want to go into engineering. The two girls are still in home school high school. They all love God, are bright, respectful, kind, and enthusiastic about everything they do.

Their parents provided all sorts of field trips, and unique learning opportunities. It began with creation, and wound around different halls and rooms of the house, to current day, and as they studied things, they put them where they belonged on the time line. I think for all involved, children and parents, this has been a great experience. We have transitioned the other way this year. My son, now 15, started public school for the first time in 8th grade, after homeschooling all his life.

He is now thriving in 8th grade and looking forward to public high school. I love your humor, Laura! I was in public school most of my life, although I did also attend a private school for a year and home school for 2 years. My younger sister was in home school from 2nd-12th grade.

I have always been more socially awkward than she is. She was born being friends with everyone—except for a few who were too snobby to enjoy her friendliness. Home school gave her the opportunity to learn figure skating, piano, violin, and voice. It gave her time to go skiing with Dad and shopping with Mom. I think public school stifled me. I was too concerned about what the other kids thought instead of getting positive and helpful feedback and affirmation from my parents.

I have gone to private,catholic school from kindergarten through 8th grade and I can easily say that it was the worst experienceof my life.

I was smarter than that. I always got picked on for standing up for the other kids being picked on. I stood up for anyone if I felt I needed to, but it only brought me trouble. Now yes I love public school even though there are pretty bad kids there and it gets crowded at times but I am considering homeschooling next year.

My reasoning for wanting to be homeschooled is that for the past 11 months I have gone through 6 months of mono, and I have been sick now from the beginning of September th several weird symptoms and no one has diagnosed for sure what it is yet. Also I am a dancer, it is all I do. Eat sleep dance school doctors. Being sick makes it really hard to keep up with dance but I manage, and it effects school.

I hate missing school because people including teachers accuse me off pretending just to get out of school. Also I would have more time to dance and even do more.

What does anyone here think? Do the advantages for me outweigh what my disadvantages would be? Thank you for posting this. I went to public school and now my husband and I have chosen to home school. I appreciate your words and wisdom. I also had health challenges and missed a lot of school when I was a teenager. After a few weeks of homeschooling I returned to school Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward?

a part-time basis to gain confidence within a group of my peers. I always talked to my parents and teachers about what I felt was best for me at school. I was supported and listened to as they recognised when I needed to rest and take things at my pace after those talks. I also was given the freedom to choose which subjects I wanted to concentrate on learning. This happened over a period of two years as I got well.

I found that relaxation was helpful in dealing with people in school. I had problems with teachers too — just be strong, talk to a trusted adult and they will support you. I constantly talked with my guidance teacher and mother when I had problems with the attitudes of teaching staff.

It helped Do I have autism or am I just socially awkward? feel that I was in control of my thinking. I also practiced cognitive behavioural technique.

I found emotional behavioural technique to be helpful also in helping me relax and have confidence in myself. You can find details of these techniques on the internet if you think they might help. I hope you find the best way of learning for you. My daughter is only a little over 2 and I desperately feel that homeschooling is best for my child.

My husband agrees but was on the fence because of all the hype about homeschooled kids being socially awkward. Then those interactions themselves will differ. I have never worked with or met a family that chooses to hibernate.

And you are right, homeschooling is not for everyone.

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