Question: When did Tahiry date Joe?


Before Love & Hip Hop Tahiry Jose is an urban model and video vixen. She was born in Harlem to Dominican parents, Lizy and Victor Jose. She grew up pursing performing arts in NYC public schools. She came into the public eye due to her relationship with rapper Joe Budden, who she began dating in 2005.

The curvy mogul is taking over the social stratosphere, building an empire of her own and investing in more important things—her dreams. The fearless reality star got up with Vixen for some girl talk and paw pampering. She certainly exudes strength and perseverance—and an admirable ability to dodge drama. Vixen: What made you want to do the calendar? I had my first calendar released in 2011.

Once all this started, I always dreamt of having my own calendar, being seen on covers, even doing playboy. So in 2011, I took it upon myself to give my fans something else. On the internet, social media was just starting to really take over, so I figured why not sell my images. You When did Tahiry date Joe? on a cover—not even on a cover—sometimes you just get a spread. Back then they would pay you, but When did Tahiry date Joe? you have a lot of people wanting to be famous and doing it for pennies, so the industry has gotten saturated.

I took my savings at the time and I decided to come out with the calendar in 2011. It had a great response. Doing that, I got great responses and I learned a lot, so I said When did Tahiry date Joe? not do another one? Vixen: Why did you skip a year?

Tahiry: When 2013 came, I was in higher demand and my schedule also did not allow me to do it. I skipped 2013 and a lot of people were disappointed, so even me being busier this time, I was looking forward to giving my fans what they wanted. I still run around the house naked. It took long because I was trying to get it right. I did it in New York and it was an amazing experience. Art is in now and everybody is jumping on the bandwagon.

Cheeks are cool, but how many times am I going to wear a thong and turn around. So I decided to add something deep and romantic and personal.

Vixen: How many have you sold? Vixen: How do you deal with being naked in front When did Tahiry date Joe? the camera? Tahiry: This calendar took me nine hours; my first calendar took me three days.

Tahiry Jose Bio, Early Life, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, Body Measurements

You get better with time. I work better with a photographer that gives me direction. Vixen: Which avenue that you have partaken in has been the most challenging? Which is the most rewarding? That opportunity presented itself like nine months ago and I was scared as shit.

As an owner, now that becomes your responsibility. I get up every day to make sure things are going right. The most rewarding is the fact that I have a huge support system. Every day I wake up and strive to do better and be some kind of a role model. Vixen: How do you deal with social media negativity? I see things differently now that I have experienced and my fan base is growing. The industry forces you to grow this thick skin really quickly. I also come from Joe Budden school.

He taught me that you have to not care and that this shit is going to come When did Tahiry date Joe? it. In the beginning, I remember being in bed When did Tahiry date Joe? weeks straight, depressed and not understanding.

I try not to entertain because why would you feed a monster. The fan wanted your attention and once you pay attention, it just gets worse. I just surround myself with my team. That I only date rappers. When I first started dating Joe, he was really not throwing anything. I was paying for a lot. I dated him when there was lent on his fan and When did Tahiry date Joe? blanket on his window. Who knew he was going to be this big? Vixen: Can we look forward to a Tahiry show?

I wake up with 100 texts a day. I have nail polish coming out with Color Club. I took a lot of my favorite colors and tweaked them a bit. I played with my hot When did Tahiry date Joe?. It will be sold in stores like urbanoutfitters, nail supplies stores and discount stores.

I have two independent films coming out. Kind of like a spa vibe. I plan to do some charity work.

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I like to give back. Tahiry: I sleep with Vix every night. My mom used to do it to us when we were kids. Tahiry: No, Joey and I were supposed to be public. He raps about it, he tweets about it. It is what it is when it comes to Joe. Do I in the future plan on keeping my relationships private? Not a lot of men can deal with the slack that comes with it. Today, it has to be a thirsty guy who wants attention or someone that you have history with.

Vixen: What are five ways to get over a break up? Tahiry: You have to pray because it feels like the end of the world. You surround yourself with family. Surround yourself with real love, the unconditional kind: your mom, your dad, your sisters, your cousins. I lose cheeks and all. Vixen: Would you recommend going back and fourth with a guy like you did with Joe? Tahiry: I call that recycling—going green. Joey was very strategic even when I was just giving him my friendship.

No man wants their girl to still be around their ex.

When did Tahiry date Joe?

Vixen: Does it bother you that you always get asked questions about Joe? Tahiry: No, I can never get mad at my past. As much as he tries to say he made me, I can say that I gave him another life. He was dead before me. I think we did a lot for each other. When I met Joey I told him that Juelz wanted me to be in a video.

When did Tahiry date Joe?

There were definitely times where I played with it. Joey and I were magical. I never knew, until we broke up, that people would actually sit and wait for the next episode to watch us.

Vixen: If you guys would have been in the prime of your relationship when he proposed would it have been different? I would have definitely married that man. That was the plan; at least that was my plan. I mean we were magical. From the realness of the industry to what he really went through to what I went through.

I wanted the world to see it all; when I was wearing poom-poom shorts and fish net stockings with the ten dollar pony tail. When I love; I love hard. Am I ever going to get another tattoo?

When did Tahiry date Joe?

Just get it somewhere you can add something or cover it if a guy plays himself. I got the tattoo and two days later we broke up, but we were crazy like that.

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