Question: Where does Huntsville City Council meet?


City Council Regular Meetings are held in the City Council Chambers of the Municipal Building on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. Watch the meetings live via or on the City of Huntsville Facebook page (@huntsvillecity).

That means some of you may be shifting districts as the plan gets put into action.

Huntsville City Council will meet Monday night

The final vote comes after weeks of public hearings and discussion among community members and city leaders. There were four redistricting options in total. Three came from citizens, Dr. Chris Brown, Angela Curry and Ruby Mixon.

Where does Huntsville City Council meet?

According to the city, each district has a population of nearly or more than 43,000 people. The whole point of this was to rebalance those districts and give everyone an equal voice. City Administration's Huntsville Redistricting Map City of Huntsville The redistricting process happens every decade using new data from the census.

Where does Huntsville City Council meet?

Local officials must redraw geographic boundaries of their districts, to account for changes in population and demographics. Huntsville has seen a lot of growth since the current lines were drawn ten years ago.

In fact, about 35,000 people came to the city. However, that growth was uneven.

Where does Huntsville City Council meet?

Brown is a member of the Citizens Coalition for Justice Reform. He said the main difference between each plan comes down to where district lines are drawn. It is important to note, Brown said the city did a good job of updating its proposal based on public feedback. For example, Huntsville has five city council members and the small town of Gurley has the same number.

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