Question: Can you call AAA without being a member?


Can I call AAA if I am not a Member? If your car breaks down or runs out of gas and you dont have a AAA Membership, you can still call 800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4357) to sign up for a AAA Membership and service right away.

This is not an automobile liability insurance contract. Member benefits vary depending on your Membership type. Membership is subject to our approval and acceptance. Membership eligibility, dues, fees, services and benefits are subject to change without notice.

What is the limit of Roadside Assistance calls for my membership?

You will not be required to pay any sum, other than your Membership dues and any amount otherwise communicated to Member for any specific services. Plus and Premier Membership Conditions Members who meet the eligibility requirements and have paid the Plus or Premier Membership dues are entitled to Plus or Premier Member benefits, as applicable.

Plus and Premier Memberships provide Membership benefits in addition to those provided to Basic Members. To be eligible for Plus or Premier Membership you must enroll all Members included in your Membership i.

Primary and Associate Members The Primary Member is the person who established the Can you call AAA without being a member?. Associate members are other persons residing in the household who are on the Membership account.

We require a Primary Member be designated before any Member of your household is eligible for an Associate Membership. In the event the Primary Membership is cancelled for any reason, an Associate Member, if any, will become the Primary Member. Memberships are for individual use only and are non-transferable. Associate Members may be added to the Membership as long as they reside in the same household as the Primary Member and meet eligibility requirements.

Primary Members are responsible for the conduct and service demands of their Associate Members. Primary and Associate Members enjoy the same Membership benefits.

Members are responsible for all other costs of service above such amounts. We will provide you with a good faith estimate of such additional charges, for which you are responsible. When your vehicle cannot be made operable, we will assist you in finding the nearest open place of repair. Depending on your Membership type, certain expenses may be reimbursed.

Can you call AAA without being a member?

Service is available only to a Member who is the driver of or a passenger in the vehicle at the Can you call AAA without being a member? of the vehicle disablement. Services do not include parts, labor, materials or storage, which are at your expense.

We cannot guarantee that all service stations stock parts or are equipped to service or repair every make and model of a domestic or foreign vehicle, nor can we guarantee the availability of any repair service after regular business hours or on weekends. Seechedule A to understand the different Roadside Assistance benefits by Membership and vehicle type. A battery boost may be provided in an attempt to start your vehicle. If the spare is also flat, in poor condition or not available, normal Towing Services will apply and repairs are at your expense.

If due to vehicle design, a special wrench or tool is required, you must furnish it in order for Services to be performed. Tire Service is not available to vehicles with dual wheels. Specific brands or octane ratings cannot be promised. If you are a Plus or Premier Member, additional Member benefits may apply.

Locked Out of the Vehicle If you are locked out of your vehicle, we will attempt to gain entrance to the vehicle by the use of special door opening tools.

If we are unable to gain entry to the vehicle at the roadside, we will offer to tow the vehicle to a locksmith or other destination, subject to Can you call AAA without being a member? Terms.

Membership Terms

If you are a Premier or Plus Member, additional Member benefits may apply. Towing and Related Services If your vehicle cannot be started, is damaged as a result of an accident or when, in our judgment, the vehicle cannot be placed in a safe driving condition, it will be towed, except as otherwise set forth herein, at no charge to you, to either the responding independent contractor automobile service facility, or to any location within three 3 miles of the location of the vehicle.

In the case of an accident, you must ask the police to call us to dispatch tow service, if legally permitted to do so. Plus Members receive up to 100 miles of tow service per Road Service call, and Premier Members receive towing of up to 200 miles at no charge for one Road Service call, per Membership per Membership year in addition to towing for the remaining Road Service calls up to 100 miles each.

Plus and Premier towing benefits start from the point of disablement of the vehicle to the destination of your choice. Additional miles Can you call AAA without being a member? these mileage allowances will be charged at current rates, plus any applicable taxes; provided, however, such rates shall not exceed prevailing commercial rates in the area. Additional fees may apply; provided, however, the Member shall not be charged hook-up fees, if any, for tows that are included within the Services at no charge.

Rates may differ from Club as hereinafter defined to Club, and you may be asked to pay whatever rate is in effect in a Club territory outside your home Club territory. Tow rates in certain states may be subject to tax, which is your responsibility. In instances when the vehicle becomes disabled while towing a light duty trailer, Service will also be provided for the trailer excludes fifth wheel trailers ; however, you may be required to pay for trailer towing. At the scene of an accident, any additional equipment or manpower required to provide Services will be at your expense.

You may also be required to pay storage charges if you elect to leave your vehicle at a service facility overnight. Towing Services will only be provided for a covered vehicle disablement and will not be provided for purposes of transporting vehicles due to purchase, sale, auction, car show exhibition, charitable donation, relocation or other similar situations.

We will provide you with a good faith estimate of such additional charges, for which you are responsible. Extricating or Winching Service If while a vehicle is traveling, it becomes stuck in a ditch, mud or snow, we will attempt to free it if, in our sole opinion, it can be safely reached from a normally traveled road or established thoroughfare.

If special equipment, more than one service person or more than one service vehicle is needed, additional charges may apply. Extrication or winching Services are not available for parked, snowbound, or un-shoveled Can you call AAA without being a member?, and do not include shoveling or clearing of Can you call AAA without being a member?, mud, dirt or sand. We will provide you with a good faith estimate of such additional charges, for which you are responsible.

Delays Delays, which may be excessive at times, may occur when a substantially greater than normal number of Members call for Service at the same time. Towing Services to your choice of destination or long-distance tows may be delayed. In certain circumstances, all Services may be temporarily suspended.

Membership terms, rates, products and services may vary from Club to Club. Additional Terms The following additional terms apply to Roadside Assistance: i A Member in good standing must be with the disabled vehicle at all times. If a Member does not have a valid Membership or a government issued identification at the time Roadside Assistance is requested, we may decline to provide you Roadside Assistance. If we do provide you with Roadside Assistance absent a valid Membership Can you call AAA without being a member?

government issued identification, you may be required to pay at the time Roadside Assistance is rendered. If you fail to contact us, the Roadside Assistance will be counted towards your Member benefits. In such case, there may be a delay in getting your vehicle and the service vehicle on the ferry and there may be charges for such ferry transport. We will provide you with a good faith estimate of such additional charges, for which you are responsible.

Except as otherwise provided, dual-wheel, unloaded pickup trucks are provided all Services except flat tire service. Rented passenger vehicles are eligible for Service. Vehicles with cube, dump or utility body types will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if normal automobile servicing equipment can safely handle the different size, weight and wheel bases.

Can you call AAA without being a member?

In instances where we determine that the vehicle is in an Inaccessible Location and agree to provide Roadside Assistance, it will be rendered at your expense. All Damages are the responsibility of the independent contractor.

In the event of a dispute between you and an independent contractor, we may assist by mediating the dispute, but are not responsible for the actions of independent contractors.

We cannot control the manner in which such Franchised Stations provide Roadside Assistance and make no representations or warranties concerning the Roadside Assistance provided by the Franchised Stations, and we are not liable for any Damages arising out of any act or omission of the Franchised Stations. If towing services are provided, you will receive a refund for a tow to the Franchised Station providing the Service or to the nearest exit.

We may determine that your Road Service usage is excessive. In making such determinations, we consider the cost associated with Road Service calls, call frequency over multiple Membership periods, and other factors.

Bicycle Transportation Service includes two 2 Bicycle Transportation Service calls per Membership year and is limited to Can you call AAA without being a member? 10 miles per call at no charge. Bicycle Transportation Service in excess of two 2 Bicycle Transportation Service calls per Membership year or ten 10 miles per call may incur additional charges.

We will provide an estimate of the fee prior to dispatching a driver. We may attempt minor bicycle repairs. We disclaim any representations or warranties regarding such minor repairs. Bicycle Transportation Service is provided only along a normally traveled road or street.

Bicycle Transportation Service is provided only for the rider whose bicycle is disabled and accompanying minors. The following are excluded from the Bicycle Transportation Service: motorcycles, electric scooters, mopeds, motorized bicycles or vehicles of any kind, unattended bicycles, and bicycles secured with a lock for which no key is available at the time of the Bicycle Transportation Service. To obtain the Bicycle Transportation Service, you must have a valid Membership and show a valid photo identification.

Bicycle Transportation Service is not transferrable. Discounts Discounts if applicable are valid at participating locations.

Participating locations and savings vouchers may be added or deleted and the level of discounts are subject to change at any time without notice. These products and services include without limitation, identity theft monitoring, travel, financial and insurance products, as well as other services.

In most cases, we act as an intermediary between you and the Service Providers. Products or services that you purchase using your Membership are provided directly by the Service Provider. In no event shall we be liable for any damages in connection with a product or service obtained by you from a Service Provider.

Membership Information and Communication i General. We expect you to submit and maintain accurate Can you call AAA without being a member? current information in connection your Membership. Such information includes name, address, email address, mobile and landline telephone number s and date of birth.

You are not required to agree to receive prerecorded or artificial voice messages and, if applicable, calls to your wireless phone, as a condition of your Membership.

We cannot assume any liability for correspondence, mail or email that is lost, delayed, or misdirected. To obtain Membership benefits, the name on your Membership must match the name on your valid government Can you call AAA without being a member?

identification. Except as otherwise specified in the promotional materials, any Promotional Membership provides all Membership benefits in accordance with these Terms.

Membership products and services may vary depending upon your geographic location. Membership dues and fees may change without notice. Membership dues paid during the ninety 90 day period after the Expiration Date renews your Membership for twelve 12 months from the original Membership Expiration Date. A grace period of fifteen 15 days follows the Expiration Date in which all Member benefits, including Roadside Assistance, are available; provided, Membership dues must be paid prior to Service.

Your Membership Expiration Date may be extended upon your request subject to our prior written approval, which may be granted in our sole discretion. If we agree to extend your Membership Expiration Date, you may be charged prorated Membership dues for the term of your Membership extension.

Membership is valid up to and including your Membership Expiration Date. A charge may be assessed for returned checks. If you elect to pay monthly, you are subject to all provisions in these Terms and Conditions, except as stated herein.

Additional requirements for paying monthly include the following: a. All Members must agree to automatically renew their Membership. The automatic renewal at the Expiration Date will renew membership for the next year. All Members in a household must also pay monthly and must have the same Expiration Date for their Memberships. Members who pay monthly will not be subject to an enrollment fee nor a cancellation fee. Membership can be canceled at any time, but members are not eligible for refunds for a partial month of service.

There are no gift Memberships available if you choose to pay monthly. We may use databases and other information to ensure that your credit card information is up to date. Cancellation; Termination i You have the right to cancel your Membership at any time.

Can you call AAA without being a member?

We maintain certain social media sites. We also reserve the right to remove any posts to our Social Media sites, in our sole discretion. Any change shall take effect immediately, unless otherwise provided. Dual-Wheel unloaded pickup trucks are provided all Services except flat tire Service. Towing shall be provided for light duty trailers, excluding fifth wheel trailers, being towed at the time of disablement.

Products and services may vary depending upon your geographic location.

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