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而在美國則以402,000份首週銷量空降亞軍,此首週銷量超過了團體上一張專輯《青春第四課》的銷量。 NoSubscription":"You do not have an Apple Music subscription with carrier. videoExtra":"Video Extras","FUSE. ListeningTo":"Listening To","FUSE. Web":"Not available on the web","FUSE. PXM":"Get millions of songs free for introPricingDuration. 3月25日,在巡演進行不久后,團體發佈官方聲明稱馬利克已離開1世代,而3月18日的站則是馬利克最後一次在1世代的演出。

PXYY":"Start introPricingDuration for introPrice ","FUSE. Comments":" count Comments","FUSE. AddAnArtist":"Add Artist","FUSE. 連恩 Liam Payne 連恩是一世代成員中最晚發表單飛作品的團員,所謂不鳴則已一鳴驚人,他先與嘻哈團體Migos的成員Quavo合作了《Strip That Down》,後來又幫德國重量級DJ Zedd唱了一首《Get Low》,再加上2018年剛出爐的與Rita Ora合唱的「格雷」主題曲《For You》,說明他很適合這種潮痞風格。

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2015年6月,《福布斯》根據團體前12個月1億3000萬美元的收入, 將團體列為世界第4富有的名人。

PXM":"Get introPricingDuration Free","FUSE. 歌曲在《告示牌》百強單曲榜第28名,成為英國藝人自1998年來最高空降。


LiveRadioMessage":"For now, you can only enjoy Apple Music live radio in Safari. Description":"Sign in to Apple Music. Label":"Copy Embed Code","FUSE. introPricingDuration for introPrice. Airplay":"Choose which speakers to use","FUSE. 2011年11月,團體在北美與簽約。 Listening":"Friends Are Listening To","FUSE. 超好聽的 10 樓 網友 9 樓 rock 好好好x10000000000000000000000000000000喔! 同日,One Direction担任MTV音乐录影带大奖表演嘉宾并演唱了他们的作品《One Thing》 [11]。

ArtistsOn":"Artists in name ","FUSE. " It performed very well commercially, peaking at number one in the U. He left the tour due to stress in early March, then officially quit the band a few days later. Shares":" count Shares","FUSE. alipayMobileMessage":"Enter the mobile phone number that is associated with the Alipay account. Screenwriters":"Screenwriter","FUSE. Header":"Keep up with the latest music. しばらくずっと更新されていなかった「1D」の公式サイトだが、サイトの一番下を見ると「2020 Sony Music Entertainment」とあり、2020年に入って更新されたことが明らかになったのだ。

‎One Direction on Apple Music

Explanation":"If you change your mind, go to Music in the Settings app. StartTrialButton":"Start Trial","FUSE. ChooseGenresYouLove":"Choose genres you love. One Direction celebrating 10-year anniversary with a special gift - CNN charset "UTF-8";. other":" count Videos","FUSE. 2016年1月開始,团体在宣布休息後已暫時性的停止活動。 ApprovedFollowers":"Approved Followers","FUSE. FriendRequest":"Follow request from profileName ","FUSE. Press and hold on the artists you do not like. FindMore":"Find More Artists and Curators","FUSE. DeleteFromLibrary":"Delete From Library","FUSE. loves a station you shared: targetName. 同年,One Direction为英国红鼻子慈善日(Red Nose Day)翻唱金发女郎创作的单曲《One Way Or Another》,将募集的善款捐赠红十字会、红鼻子慈善日等相关慈善机构 [14] [21]。

8月12日,美国第15界青少年票选奖在洛杉矶举行,One Direction担任开场嘉宾,并且获得最佳团体奖 [10]。 PageKeywords":"Watch, name , music, singles, songs, genreName , streaming music, apple music","FUSE. 在组合组评委之家晋级赛中,1世代清唱了Ednaswap乐团的歌曲《》。

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PaymentMethod":"Payment Method","AddFunds. RelatedVideos":"Music Videos","FUSE. musicPlaylist":"Playlists","FUSE. other":" count Likes","FUSE. PXD":"Get introPricingDuration Free","FUSE. Description3":"Hear new music first, plus the best artists and DJs, live or on demand. Subtitle":"Allow Apple Music to periodically check the contacts on your devices to recommend new friends. Description1":"Listen to millions of songs and your entire music library on all of your devices. Header":"Add music to your library","FUSE. UserNameField":"Username","FUSE. MasteredForItunes":"MASTERED FOR iTUNES","FUSE. songStation":"Song Stations","FUSE. AddMoreFunds":"Add More Funds","AddFunds. 同月,团体与X音素其它参赛者一起开启了X音素2011年巡迴演唱會。 loves your post about targetName. TitleCase":"Turn On Automatic Renewal","FUSE. 自後他跟著媽媽,而 湯姆林森的媽媽 則改嫁, 生了湯姆林森的四個妹妹。

Header":"Added Playlist","FUSE. Header":"ALL THE MUSIC YOU WANT","FUSE. 11月17日,團體的第4張錄音室專輯《》正式發佈,在英美雙榜均取得了冠軍。

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Subscription":"Subscription","AMWeb. Footnote":"Offer available for a limited time only. Subheader":"These playlists appear on your profile and in search results. But you can always post something new. 7月,佩恩稱已以個人身份與簽約。

At the same time, they were being filmed by director Morgan Spurlock for This Is Us, a mix of documentary and concert footage that proved to be successful at the box office when it was released in August of 2013. hasSubtitles":"Subtitles","FUSE.。

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那麼,說好的單飛不解散呢?連恩曾經在訪問中說過:「比起五人一起行動,我們各自有認為重要的任務和想做的事。 除此以外,團體還被《》評為2012年最佳新星。

5s ease-in-out;-o-transition:height. 2014年9月29日,团体发布了单曲《》,這首歌曲也是團體第4張錄音室專輯的首張單曲。 playlist":"Listen to this playlist and any song you want","FUSE. one":" count Comment","FUSE. 【 】 【 】 【 】. CTA":"Get Your Replay Mix","AMReplay. 2012年9月6日,1世代在獲得了3個獎項,包括最佳新人獎,成為了當晚最大贏家。


SendSMSCodeAgain":"Resend code","FUSE. Description":"Share the music you love with the people who follow you. 作為1世代參與英國慈善的一部分,團體前往了去兒童醫院當志願者,拜訪學校,進行募捐。 GoToArtist":"Go to artist ","FUSE. Caulfield, Keith. MultipleYears":" timeUnit y","FUSE. CapitalCase":"Radio Episodes","FUSE. TrailerDescription":" name - Trailer","FUSE. HDVersions":"Includes 720p and 1080p. StationPost":" name nickname commented on a station you shared: targetName. Header":"Connect to your music through the people who make it happen. RecentSearches":"Recent","FUSE. PreRelease":"Pre-Release","FUSE. NoGenresTitle":"Take another look. shared your station post: targetName. Header":"Play and download all the music you want","FUSE. Title":" videoTitle on Apple Music","FUSE. 假期結束後,他們被召集起來與賽門考威爾 Simon Cowell 一起開會,得知了將與Syco唱片簽約的消息。

Header":"YOUR FAMILY HAS JOINED APPLE MUSIC","FUSE. PXW":"Start introPricingDuration Free","FUSE. hasClosedCaptioning":"CC","FUSE. Title":" multiRoomName Apple Music","FUSE. Widescreen":"Widescreen","FUSE. text":"NEW IN APPLE MUSIC","FUSE. CopyEmbededCode":"Copy Embed Code","FUSE. Your information and followers will be retained for 90 days in case you want to start sharing again. musicVideo":"Music Videos","FUSE. 2012年11月,專輯的第2支單曲《》發佈。

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amountToAdd":"Select an amount to add to your account","AddFunds. ListenNowButton":"Play Now","FUSE. 」連他本人都覺得自己是一世代的後段班了,可見他其實不太有自信,但Stevie Aoki這位天王級DJ卻看中了他,兩人合作的電音單曲《Just Hold On》,是一世代從來沒有嘗試過的曲風。

Subheader":"Tap once on the artists you like, or twice on the ones you love. 1世代代终在比赛中取得了第3名。 CTA":"Continue to Find Contacts","FUSE. MultipleSeconds":" timeUnit s","FUSE. 其中,因專輯在美國奪冠,1世代成為第一個出道專輯即在美國獲得冠軍的英國團體。