Question: Was ist das ZT?


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The handle is 3-D machined G-10 on the front, and equally 3-D machined titanium on the back. A framelock with lockbar stabilizer ensures a rocksolid lockup every time. With flat Was ist das ZT? earth front scale. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2021 I've owned the 0561 for several years now. Since then, I've gotten used to it and find it to be a terrific knife. The only trouble I've had with it is the clip. I caught the lip Was ist das ZT? it getting out of a chair and it bent. I sent it back to Oregon because I didn't have a wrench to fit the Torx screws.

They repaired it, sent it back with a couple of extra clips and it happened again!! So I replaced the original clip with a titanium one better but that one can bend too! I've owned the 0561 for several years now.

Since then, I've gotten used to it and find it to be a terrific knife. The only trouble I've had with it is the clip. I caught the lip of it getting out of a chair and it bent. I sent it back to Oregon because I didn't Was ist das ZT? a wrench to fit Was ist das ZT? Torx screws.

Was ist das ZT?

They repaired it, sent it back with a couple of extra clips and it happened again!! So I replaced the original clip with a titanium one better but that one can bend too! Updated- Dec 24, 2015 Wow! This thing is really put together. Has a nice heft also. The shape of handle and texture of 3-D machined scales and jimping positively locks itself into my grasp. While i love the grip of the handle it is not quite as comfortable as i expected.

Its nothing major and im sure I'll adjust to it. I guess i was expecting it to feel like a larger version of my similar Kershaw Cryo 2 which is also designed by Rick Hinderer. The blade pivot is substantial and the ball bearings allow the blade to pivot with practically zero friction.

The Was ist das ZT? holding the blade closed is very strong making opening via the thumbstuds very difficult. I can do it but it tears my thumb to shreds. Especially for a tactical knife redundancy and operational flexibility are paramount. I didnt dock them a star in the ratings bc the rest of the knife is so good but this really disappointed me. As far as the Was ist das ZT? of the knife,all is great. This is the latest generation and has the hardened steel insert on the end of the lockbar that contacts the blade tang.

It locks like a bear trap regardless how slow or fast i open it and unlocks easily with the perfect amount of tension. And the incredible Elmax steel flat ground blade is lazer sharp.

As close to perfection as ive seen and highly recommended to anyone in need of a large tactical knife that could also work perfectly as an outdoorsmans field knife. Definitely one of the best on the market. Update- Dec 24,2015- I decided to delete previous update and rewrite now that ive owned the knife a while and its thoroughly broken-in. First off id like to say i do stand by my original review above but a few points i contended in my earlier update were a bit harsh and the main issue i complained about has since resolved itself.

This is a great,high quality folder. The ergonomics are very good but the heavy jimping can be Was ist das ZT? in hard use situations unless wearing gloves.


But for most other situations its just fine. The scathing review update about how impossible it was to deploy the blade via the thumbstuds was right on.

The studs are sharp cornered and uncomfortable but it was the fact that gripping the knife to deploy with thumbstuds causes you to inadvertently apply pressure to the lockbar thereby effectively seizing the blade. The harder you try the harder you chew up your thumb and the blade remained safely tucked into the handle.

But somehow,apparently after an extended break-in period my knife has relented and now is perfectly capable of blade deployment via the thumbstuds. I guess the detent ball or its corresponding hole in the blade has smoothed out to the point it actually works now. The knife is primarily designed as a flipper and it flips open with excellent action. But a tactical knife needs operational flexibility and should be able to deploy the blade through multiple means. Imagine trying to quickly get it into action Was ist das ZT?

an emergency using the flipper with an injured index finger. A knife designed to protect your life needs to be flexible with redundant means of Was ist das ZT?.

Imagine trying to quickly deploy the blade on a popular tactical with only a single sided thumbstud after receiving a debillitating injury to your dominant hand and having to swap to your Was ist das ZT? dominant hand. Was ist das ZT? this is why i complained so loudly about the 0561 and some other framelocks with the same problems.

But perhaps i should have been more patient since mine is now functioning very well with thumbstud opening. I did slightly round off the sharp corners tho. Im not sure if all the knives will eventually work or if i just got lucky. I know there are tens of thousands of these out there with this problem.

I can only suggest you continue working the action and hopefully yours will eventually give as well. So enough said about that. The pivot action is superb as always. Whether by the flipper or the newly functional thumbstuds,the blade rockets out of the handle and slams home and securely locked in a blink of the eye. Lockup remains solid as a bank vault without play and engagement depth is still holding strong at about 40%.

Ive worked this knife fairly hard and even have done a bit of chopping and have never experienced any lock rock,slip or inadvertent unlocking. And it unlocks easily with moderate tension. I dont like how the blade quickly falls closed under its own weight when unlocked tho. I much prefer a pivot that is smooth and light but the blade stays put,yet closes easily under its own weight with just a shake or two. The ball bearing pivot system on this knife is great but it does have certain characteristics that i could do without.

Call me old fashioned but i really prefer a well designed,high quality Was ist das ZT? bronze washer system.

Was ist das ZT?

The blade detent still holds the blade closed with excellent force. Overall an excellent,strong,solid and beautifully functional action. That massive blade with its thick dimension behind the edge grind has been extremely durable and damage resistant. And it slices remarkably well as long as i keep the edge sharp.

The Ellmax blade steel holds a pretty good edge and has proven tough as an anvil and extremely corrosion resistant. Ellmax is almost impossible to sharpen without resorting to a powered belt sander.

And i only achieved about an 85% edge! Its really good steel but perhaps a bit too good for most. Id gladly sacrifice a bit of performance for easier sharpenability. Ill call it very good. Ive used this brute weekly for over a year now and now that the blade deployment issue is resolved,ive fallen back in love with it.

Its extremely strong,smooth,capable,versatile and Was ist das ZT?. Even comfortable especially while wearing gloves. I do highly recommend this knife but caution buyers to consider and understand the blade deployment issues you may or may not have with this knife.

Aside from that potential issue this is still one hell of a tool and think it will serve you well. My favorite knife I've owned besides this is the Kershaw Blur S30v. I love that knife but it is small compared to this one. I won't go into specific details of blade steel since I'm no expert on metallurgy but I will say this is a lot of knife. I've used knives of many different steels ranging from cheap made in China knives up until this knife which is by far the best of mine so far.

I've ruined knives, chipped them, broke them, burned them and just worn blades down to a dull edge. Although I have no intention of abusing this knife I can already feel the difference. I have not tried to sharpen it yet and I'm still trying to figure out Was ist das ZT? need for this knife besides my knife obsession. Luckily my job in construction and occasional exploration of nature allows me to use the knife outside of my house as I would surely be arrested for revealing this blade in public around where I live.

If you're accustomed to using knives, tools etc and have hand dexterity to appreciate finely made things you will be impressed. If not you might be a little scared of it.

As soon as a I pulled it out of the box I made sure Was ist das ZT? handle it very carefully. It passes the paper test and yes it will make you bleed a lot if you are clumsy. Detent is tough to overcome if you out even slight pressure on the lockbar. Holding it a certain way will solve this problem. That or filing down part of the knife.

Was ist das ZT?

Was ist das wichtigste bei einem Survivalmesser? Genau - dass man eins dabei hat. Für mich einer der Gründe ihm dem Vorzug vor dem 301 zu geben, das nochmal rund 50 Gramm Was ist das ZT? ist. Da ich kein Kampf- sondern ein Gebrauchsmesser möchte, ist mir die gerade Schneide ebenfalls lieber, da sie für mich leichter nachzuschärfen ist, als die geschwungene des 301ers.

Der Elmax-Pulverstahl der Klinge ist der modernste Hochleistungswerkzeugstahl der 3. Generation der für besonders lange Standzeiten und hohe Belastungen konzipiert wurde.

Für die Klinge bedeutet das eine lange Schnitthaltigkeit durch die hohe Härte ca. Geöffnet wird die Klinge mit einer Hand über den Flipper, der in geöffnetem Zustand verhindert, dass die Finger über die schon bei Lieferung sauscharfe Klinge rutschen. Satter Klingenaufgang durch die Kugellager und ebenso sattes und sicheres Einrasten des Framelock machen bei jedem Öffnen Spaß an der qualitativ hochwertigen Verarbeitung des Messers.

Was ist das ZT? Klinge ist durch die 3-D-Bearbeitung einerseits sehr robust max. Materialstärke knapp 4mmandererseits kann man damit aber auch Tomaten schneiden, oder sich ein Brot schmieren. Die Pins an der Klinge sind übrigens keine Daumenpins zum Öffnen der Klinge, sondern dienen der Stabilisierung im geöffneten Zustand.

Das Messer besitzt auf einer Seite eine braune G10-Griffschale mit schwarzer Griffschale kostet das 560 hier aktuell statt 255. Trotz Clip lässt sich das Messer sehr angenehm halten und ist auch für größere Hände geeignet. Für mich das beste Taschenmesser schlechthin mit dem Nachteil des öffentlichen Trageverbotes in Deutschland, da es sich um ein Einhandmesser handelt.

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