Question: Is Hillsong a Pentecostal?


Beliefs. Hillsong was formerly affiliated with Australian Christian Churches (the Assemblies of God in Australia), part of Pentecostal Christianity. The churchs beliefs are Evangelical and Pentecostal.

Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston was charged in August with allegedly concealing information about child sex offences. To recap the major scandals enveloping Hillsong over the last 15 months and this is an abbreviated list explains the cultural tightrope the church has long been walking. Last June, London preacher Gary Clarke was criticised for about the murder of George Floyd, and has since transitioned into a less prominent.

Is Hillsong a Pentecostal?

Since then, he has been Is Hillsong a Pentecostal? a former nanny, now co-pastor of Hillsong Boston.

In reckoning with its demons, Hillsong will be forced to move away from what made it powerful

Once its most famous Is Hillsong a Pentecostal?, pop star Justin Bieber another church. Financial impropriety scandals include Hillsong closing its Dallas branch after complaints about by pastors who appeared to be living a life of luxury. There have also been complaints of. Finally, last month, church founder Brian Houston was about child sex offences, which will see him appear in a Sydney court in October.

Its pastors have exceptional personal charisma, and draw much of their authority from it. The church, like many of its peers, has left umbrella groups such as Assemblies of God and Australian Christian Churches.

Is Hillsong a Pentecostal?

Hillsong is simply Hillsong: a brand of faith Is Hillsong a Pentecostal? is accountable only to itself. It sounds highly appropriate in the circumstances, but likely will bring the church a new set of problems. Reining in its pastors, including Houston himself, and putting in place people more likely to toe the line, means that it will be moving away from what brought it success.

That is, a church driven by spontaneity and personality. In reckoning with its many demons, Hillsong may no longer be able to employ the most magnetic graduates of its college. A more bureaucratic Hillsong makes it ripe for disruption from competitors — after all, it plants churches in large cosmopolitan cities and is competing against a host of other churches, both in person and online. Alternatively, Hillsong may turn away from reform and oversight. Brian Houston has been good at image whenever controversy arises.

Is Hillsong a Pentecostal?

But in doing so, it risks turning away congregants: the average Hillsong megachurch goer is likely to be an upwardly mobile woman, millennial or younger, with an interest in social justice and feeling good about her faith. Regardless of the outcome of the Lentz investigation and the Houston trial, it remains to be seen whether believers can tolerate accusations of such mortal failings in leaders they feel are divinely blessed.

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