Question: Is Black Planet a dating site?

BlackPlanet is an online dating community that specifically caters to African-Americans. Its services are 100% free for everyone, although it runs a few advertisements on its pages. Members are allowed to socialize through private messaging features and public forums.

What is a BlackPlanet account?

Website. BlackPlanet is an African-American social networking service for matchmaking and job postings; it also has forums for discussion on political and social issues.

What year did Black Planet start?

September 1999 BlackPlanet/Dates launched

Some may say, it was Black Twitter, before there was a Black Twitter. Shoot, it was Facebook before Facebook. In 2008, Radio One purchased BlackPlanet and the website transformed a bit but still served as a forum for the Black community.


Unfortunately, by this time Facebook and Twitter were household names and the iconic social media network site sort of faded into the background. If you call a reported 20 million users fading into the background. Now it is over 10 years later and BlackPlanet is trending again because Solange Is Black Planet a dating site?

out a tweet. Well in this case, this is not the BlackPlanet you know.

Is Black Planet a dating site?

And when I say original flavor, I mean it. You just need an email to create an account and to pick that perfect username.

No Sign

It currently feels sort of like a high school party where everyone is standing around waiting for someone to start dancing first. So instead, people are wandering around and keeping the conversation to the minimum.

But, there is a sense of excitement throughout the threads because people are happy to be in a space owned by us, for us.

Is Black Planet a dating site?

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