Question: How do you invalidate a Cognito session?

Calling the LogOut endpoint will invalidate any session you had with the Hosted UI/ Oauth endpoints. Another option is to call globalSignOut [1] and this will invalidate all of the users Access and Refresh tokens (being used against the Cognito API).

How do you get out of Cognito?

To remove the Cognito Forms branding from your forms, simply upgrade your organization to a Pro, Team or Enterprise plan. The “Powered by Cognito Forms” branding will immediately disappear from all forms associated with that organization.

What is the difference between ID token and access token?

The ID Token is a security token granted by the OpenID Provider that contains information about an End-User. ... Access tokens, on the other hand, are not intended to carry information about the user. They simply allow access to certain defined server resources.

What is ID token expiration?

By default, an ID token is valid for 36000 seconds (10 hours). If there are security concerns, you can shorten the time period before the token expires, keeping in mind that one of the purposes of the token is to improve user experience by caching user information.

How do I get access token?

How Do Access Tokens Work?Login: Use a known username and password to prove your identity.Verification: The server authenticates the data and issues a token.Storage: The token is sent to your browser for storage.Communication: Each time you access something new on the server, your token is verified once more.More items...

Is there a way to manually expire a session token used by Cognito so we force Cognito to refresh the token? Expiry date is not configurable and waiting an hour for the token to expire is a lot of time wasted when debugging.

How to go incognito in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari

Hino, refreshing is not the problem. And that get request will sometimes fail because the token has expired. Ah ok, for CognitoIdentityCredentials, the reason refresh isn't working for your case is due to the way this provider caches the IdentityId.

How do you invalidate a Cognito session?

You can manually clear the cache by calling. The provider is doing this internally when it gets a 'NotAuthorizedException' error, which is why the next get works. If you manually overwrite the expireTime for the credentials, that will just cause the provider to pre-emptively refresh the credentials, so that error isn't seen.

If you take a look at the params passed into theyou'll notice that is one of the operations the provider calls when you provide a roleArn. If you are doing this, you could provide DurationSeconds, which determines how long the credentials are valid for.

How do you invalidate a Cognito session?

I believe the lowest you can specify is 900 seconds, or 15 minutes. Otherwise, you'd need to find a way to mock the behavior you want.

How do you invalidate a Cognito session?

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