Question: How long can you have Hep C without knowing?

Delayed symptoms Some people may develop hepatitis C symptoms within two weeks of infection. Others might experience a longer delay before noticing symptoms. It could take from 6 months to 10 years or more before someone with the virus becomes aware of any symptoms.

Can Hep C be dormant for years?

Although she has been carrying the virus in her blood for 40 years, she is only now beginning to notice symptoms, including headache, fatigue, and joint pain. That delay between infection and onset is typical of hepatitis C, which can lie dormant in the body for decades.

Can you have hep C for years and not know?

Chronic liver disease in people with hepatitis C usually happens slowly, without any signs or symptoms, over several decades. Chronic hepatitis C virus infection is often not recognized until people are screened for blood donation or from an abnormal blood test found during a routine doctors visit.

Can you have hep C for 20 years and not know it?

When a person has the hepatitis C virus (HCV) for several years, their liver can become inflamed. However, a person can live for years without even knowing that they have HCV. Once the symptoms start to show, the person usually already has liver damage, which can affect treatment and prognosis.

How long can hep C stay dormant?

Unlike the flu virus, which has an incubation period of less than a week, incubation for acute HCV can take between 14 to 180 days . The hepatitis C infection is considered chronic after 180 days.

Hepatitis C is a viral infection of the liver.

How long can you have Hep C without knowing?

Once the symptoms start to show, the person usually already has liver damage, which can affect treatment and prognosis. Around of acute cases become chronic. The immune system clears most other cases. There are also different genotypes, or variations, of the virus. These strains of the virus have evolved over many years. Detecting and diagnosing the infection early may allow the person to treat it before liver damage or scarring can occur.

Treatment usually completely rids the body of the virus. In other cases, a person may need to change their medications to better treat the virus. Targeted treatments can help improve the outcome for some people.

I had hepatitis C and didn’t know it. You may have it, too.

Cirrhosis is a condition in which scarring occurs on the liver. A liver transplant can correct both liver damage and liver cancer. However, only a small number of liver transplants are available. Outlook Cirrhosis may develop faster in certain groups of people. They also have a 3—6% annual chance of developing hepatic decompensation and liver failure. Hepatic decompensation occurs when a person with cirrhosis begins to show symptoms of the condition because the liver is having trouble functioning.

People who develop hepatic decompensation have a risk of death the following year. The report that in 2017, 17,253 deaths in the U. More than 70% of these deaths also had moderate-to-severe liver disease listed as a cause. It is the complications that develop over many decades of living with the virus that tend to lead to death. Early detection from blood screenings can help. If a person already has liver damage or scarring before treatment begins, the prognosis is generally worse than in those who do not have liver damage.

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How long can you have Hep C without knowing?

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