Question: Does boxer use ActiveSync?

Boxer for Android supports Exchange versions 2003 and up, along with Hotmail, Live Mail, accounts, and accounts. Only accounts that use Microsoft ActiveSync are supported.

What does the boxer app do?

Workspace ONE Boxer is a modern mobile email, calendar, contacts and files app for iOS and Android devices that securely connects your enterprise email server to your end users while enforcing data loss prevention policies and company specific security features.

How do I sync my boxer calendar to my iPhone?

You can synchronize the Boxer calendar by enabling the Sync Calendar option in Boxer Settings > Accounts > Exchange > Sync Calendar. You can also search for any calendar event by title, location, and attendees.

How do I set up auto reply on boxer?

Associating an action to a swipe.Go into Boxer settings.Tap the account you want to configure.Tap Quick responses.Tap CREATE NEW (Figure F)Enter the text for the Quick response.Tap Save.Sep 16, 2014

How do I enable push notifications on my Boxer iPhone?

Push notification support - iOSOpen up your iPhone/iPad settings app.Select General.Select Background App Refresh.Turn the setting for Boxer to On.

How do I enable push notifications for Boxer?

Navigate to Boxer configuration > Email Settings > Notifications and click on Edit.

How do I print an email from the Boxer app?

To print an email from Boxer for Android, tap on the menu icon in the top right corner of the message. This will open up several options. Select Print, and the print dialogue box will pop up where you can select the printer and other options.

How do I change my boxer app password on my Iphone?

Under Settings go to the Accounts and tap on the account for which password has been changed and needs to be updated.

How do I delete boxer notifications?

To clear the cached data of your contacts, navigate to Boxer Settings > Advanced > Clear Contact Cache.

What is Boxer AirWatch?

VMware launches Boxer, a mobile mail app for AirWatch and Workspace ONE customers. Boxer is a mail, calendar, and contacts app touted to have enterprise-level security features packaged in a consumer-grade user experience.

I guess I enjoy playing a part in helping make others better. The key is that it will perform this command when you first provision ActiveSync and return a sync key that allows your device to keep the folder list up-to-date and listen for changes. You see collection in two places. One, is in Get Item Does boxer use ActiveSync? which determines how many items need to be synced.

The collection groups together the request and response. It is used in Sync in the same fashion. This establishes the client-server relationship and initializes the sync state. The server caches that to optimize that action. It simply shows what the server supports to the client. The main importance behind this is that it shows you the protocols and commands supported by the server.

We use it resolve a list of recipients, get user availability, and retrieve encryption certificates. I will highlight a specific issue around this in the troubleshooting section. Fetch is used to get search results, mailbox items, and attachments. Empty item contents is used to empty a folder of its items and move is used for moving a conversation to a different folder.

Item operations is useful because it groups these commands together and processes them in a specified order for optimized batching. The interesting thing is that it actually does a delete on one folder and an add on the other folder. Basically, they are used to reply or forward messages without receiving the full message from the server. One of the primary uses of it is to optimize reply and reply all.

The cached version of the original message provides a big savings in network bandwidth. These commands also list the message recipients as well. This should basically be thought of as a smarter more effective version of the send mail feature. ActiveSync Partnerships ActiveSync Partnerships are best thought of as the relationship between the client and server. It describes Does boxer use ActiveSync?

information is created and updated between the two. It specifies device information, some basic mailbox information, and user information. One way to think of would be a mobile information store.

One thing that we often see with partnerships is a challenge with maintaining them. That sometimes will carry bad behavior over to their device. Direct Push Microsoft has tons of documentation on as you will see. I know you can read it and everything is lovely, but I prefer to explain it really simply.

It does this because it thinks something is breaking that connection. When new mail arrives, the server tells the client to go sync the folder with new items in it. This is especially true with Android which has much more aggressive heartbeat requirements. ActiveSync Optimization This is a topic near-and-dear to my heart. I can explain this in a very simple way. It gets very very unhappy with you.

You will run into issues like sync failures, email delay, poor performance, and battery life issues. We can make this pretty simple and basic to understand. I put together Does boxer use ActiveSync? simple little diagram to show how this is supposed to be done below.

Does boxer use ActiveSync?

The key is that you need to be really thorough. You would be amazed over the course of my career at BlackBerry how many Does boxer use ActiveSync? were using Round Robin…. I know people like Batman but jeez! AirWatch-Specific Optimization One item that I have been running down for a month or so was a really pesky issue that I talk about later as well. WebException: The request was aborted: The request was canceled. I finally found the solution for this problem.

I found something that is undocumented and no one really tells anyone about. In the Web Listener Web. Config File you will find two entries. I set it to 3000 aka 50 minutes. After setting these fields, you will no longer experience aborts in your logs. Log and search for abort to see if you have this issue. Many clients especially Android do not like their connections being closed abruptly. The point of this entire article is to equip people with the knowledge Does boxer use ActiveSync?

need to be able to troubleshoot it effectively. For troubleshooting this stuff, you need the proper tools. First what are people reporting? Apple for example has logic in their client if they see numerous 500s 3 I believe it will actually reload the mailbox entirely. That is where your Exchange optimization comes in. Connection aborts can result in 500s. If this is an Apple device and you have a developer account, you can use the Sync Diagnostics Profile found to capture device logs that will help with ActiveSync issues.

This will help show if traffic is flowing as expected. Outlook is typically in cached Exchange mode and can be inaccurate. All of these things basically work more or less the same. As long as it knows where the new location is, then it should work!

Delete 1 in Outlook, Delete 2 on the mobile device, Move 3 to a folder from your mobile device, Move 4 to a folder from Outlook, Read 5 on Outlook and Read 6 on your mobile device. This will show you where the actual breakpoints are. Remember just like with calendar you can always force a re-sync by either removing the account or just disabling it and re-enabling it to force a resync.

ActiveSync relies on a source and destination folder so it is much harder to handle that.

Even Gooder: The Deprecation Of Basic Auth For Exchange And What It Means For VMware's Workspace ONE Customers

This is also the same for batch operations like deleting a bunch of emails at once. This will cause a ton of performance issues. I always recommend checking all of your F5 connections. This will create battery and sync issues if not addressed. I expect to continually update this as time goes on. The challenge with ActiveSync is that vendors constantly try to push its limits and interpret it as they see fit.

Does boxer use ActiveSync?

Hello, I read your detailed article and I Does boxer use Does boxer use ActiveSync? to congrat you for it. We use certificate based authentitification 2.

Do you already had this issue? Second, need your advice on couple of issues I am facing with activesync. What could be causing the first sync not completing and how to force sync it again rather than removing the account and adding it back? Do you have any articles for netscaler and Cisco Asa like you have for F5? Any help would be good. How are you securing ActiveSync? Initial sync can be impeded by all sorts of things. For 2: The way the heartbeat works is iterative.

Internal Load Does boxer use ActiveSync? 45m 5. Internal Servers 50m As you can see, with every single hop, you add 5 minutes typically. Things that can impact the heartbeat include Firewalls, Servers, Load Balancers, and even Routers. As far as netscaler goes, this article is good: Do you have your idle session timeouts configured properly from client to server?

The idea is that your first hop needs to have a 30m timeout and grows in e. One of the biggest issues you run into is if something besides exchange closes the long-lived connection it may result in Does boxer use ActiveSync? issues e. Exchange-Server has standard-configuration in web. Idle session timeout is a server setting and not an application one.

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