Question: Can a guy message a girl on Bumble?


Bumble works the same for men and women, except that men arent allowed to send the first message to a woman theyve matched with.

How To Send a Message in Bumble Today in our Bumble For Beginners series here on TechJunkies, we are going to cover Bumble messaging.

How to send a message in Bumble and what to say. One is very straightforward and the other not so much. Knowing what to say to someone you have never met or who you want to impress will either come naturally or be incredibly difficult. Hopefully, by the time you have read this, it should be more the former than the latter! Bumble is a very neat dating app.

By doing things a little differently, it has elevated the quality of users immensely without alienating anyone through cost or other barriers to entry. It puts the power into the hands of women, enabling only them to initiate conversation after a match, though men can extend the time that the woman has to initiate the conversation. This encourages women to use the app, as they have more control and forces men to up their game.

Messaging in Bumble Messaging in Bumble is very straightforward. After all, the simpler it is, the more likely you are to do it. No one wants to jump through hoops to message in a dating app, after all.

Once you have matched with someone, the conversation can then begin with a message. What happens next depends on whether you are a male or female. As Bumble puts the power firmly in the hands of women.

First Messages & Opening Lines On Bumble

Once a Bumble match is made, only women can initiate a conversation. If you both swipe right on each other and you match, only the woman can take it from there.

Can a guy message a girl on Bumble?

As a man, you have to hope that your images and bio are compelling enough to inspire her to initiate conversation, so put your best foot forward. As a woman, you can choose whether to chat or not even after you match with a guy. If you do want to chat, you will see a notification appear in Bumble if the man had swiped right on you and it indicates how much time you have to decide whether or not to initiate a conversation via messaging with him.

You can then initiate a conversation immediately, or wait for a bit and go to your Match Queue when you have Can a guy message a girl on Bumble? time. You only have 24 hours to start a chat otherwise you will have to extend the match. You do not get the opportunity to start a conversation; you can thank the leagues of men who have proven themselves incapable of doing that with any sort of manners on other dating apps, which is why Bumble is so popular with women.

As a man, you will just have to wait for the notification to come through and see what happens next. Your Bumble matches can choose to ignore you or to message you before time runs out. How to start a conversation in Bumble So now you know the mechanics of starting a conversation, but how about actually starting that conversation?

Can a guy message a girl on Bumble?

Some people find it easy to talk to strangers, but I am not one of them. I have had to refine my approach a lot in order to avoid crashing and burning. Sometimes just coming out with it is the best idea.

Bumble BFF for Guys and Girls

Saying you never know how to start these things off can work in a dating app or on a first date. There should be something in their bio you can Can a guy message a girl on Bumble? to start a conversation or to keep a conversation going. Ask questions based on what you read in their profile If you read their bio, there may be something in there that makes you want to ask a question.

To provide enough information to attract but to pose more questions than you answer, and to make it clear you actually read their bio. Because questions are the perfect way for people to initiate conversation. Ask questions about them If your Bumble match wears a uniform or has a dog, plays a sport, or has something you can use in an opening line, use it.

The answers can unearth their passions and give you real insight into them as a person. And we all know that anyone with a dog or a cat will always want to talk about them. Ask a classic question If all else fails, you could ask a timeless question to get things started. As an added bonus, that gives you a quick way to see if you have any media interests in common.

If you enjoyed this article, you might also like As you can see, questions are a very effective way to start a conversation on Bumble or anywhere.

Can a guy message a girl on Bumble?

Got any other suggestions for conversation starters? Tell us about them below if you do!

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