Question: How much does executive matchmaking cost?


Cox of the Better Business Bureau noted that the average cost per person to use a matchmaking service is $5,000 — and some people spend as much as $10,000.

Millionaire Matchmaker Packages by Patti Stanger

As a boutique, white-glove matchmaking company, the key difference is Shannon, her established network of intellectually curious singles, her personal touch, and strategic approach. That is a rare combination in the matchmaking world.

How much does executive matchmaking cost?

These singles that work with Shannon want to meet someone who is intellectually curious - an intellectual peer that has a similar background. Personal Approach - She takes time to get to know you, your relationship history and what you want in your next chapter.

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Shannon is selective and only takes on clients that are a good fit with her brand and that she can truly help. She only works with a small number of clients at a time. She takes a holistic approach as your trusted partner on your love quest. When you start your engagement she has a strategy in mind for getting you there.

She weaves in other services such as date coaching, online dating concierge service, and mock dates depending on what is needed. Shannon is focused on getting you into the right relationship with a wonderful partner. Shannon is continually working on the puzzle of finding your person. As needed, she will weave in other strategies date coaching, online dating concierge, mock dates to get you there. No, we leave no stone unturned. Shannon and her team look far and wide to find the right person for her client.

Her Circle private database is just one resource she taps into. She also taps into her personal network connections, as well as her connections with matchmakers who have their own database of singles.

How much does executive matchmaking cost?

Her team How much does executive matchmaking cost? targeted outreach as well to find the right person for her client. While no one can promise that you will fall in love, Shannon stands by her promise that her clients will meet highly educated, intellectually curious, healthy and kind singles while working with her.

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