Question: How many Balrogs are left?


coming to a total of 30 plus however many slain by the men of Rog, however many slain during the fall of Thangorodrim, and the Moria Balrog and any other survivors (35 minimum). Clearly far too many for the later figure of at most seven.

Fingolfin was the first in ; the being one of the three branches How many Balrogs are left?. He was the eldest son of andyounger brother ofolder brother of andand the younger half-brother of.

He founded thewhich ruled the Ñoldor in. His wife was and his children were,and. Fingolfin was said to be the strongest, wisest, and most valiant of Finwë's sons. He had a steed named. Neither he nor his brothers were particularly close to Fëanor, as he was rather scornful of them. Nonetheless, he lived in peace with his kin for many centuries. However, the peace of Valinor was brought to an end whenthe most powerful of the Valar and the source of evil in Arda, was released from imprisonment.

How many Balrogs are left?

Feigning repentance and rehabilitation, Melkor's malice had in fact only festered and grown worse while imprisoned, and he sought to bring ruin upon the Elves for, as he saw it, causing his downfall.

Of the three clans of Elves in Aman, only the Ñoldor welcomed him, as his knowledge was the greatest of any of the Valar. Gaining their confidence, Melkor was slowly able to spread lies and half-truths amongst them regarding the intentions of the Valar. Over time, these lies bore fruit and the Ñoldor began to openly debate remaining in Aman, and chief How many Balrogs are left?

the disgruntled Elves was Fëanor. One of the lies was that the sons of Indis, of which Fingolfin was the eldest, were trying to usurp Fëanor as the rightful heir of Finwë and seize thethree magnificently beautiful gems that Fëanor had created, for themselves.

Fëanor, already not fond of his half-siblings, had little trouble believing the rumor. Fëanor hastened to Tirion and confronted Fingolfin, drawing his and threatening him with violence. When it became known what Fëanor had done to Fingolfin, he was called by the Valar to explain himself, and Melkor's lies were found out. However, Fëanor was held accountable for threatening Fingolfin and was banished to the fortress of in the north.

Around twelve years later, the two brothers reconciled at a festival in Valinor though Fëanor did so only grudgingly. However, during this festival, Melkor and the monstrous spider attacked, killing the and darkening all of Aman. They then assaulted the fortress of Formenos, where Melkor slew Finwë and stole Fëanor's Silmarils.

In his pride, grief, anger, and selfishness, Fëanor sought revenge upon Melkor now named Morgothand attempted to convince the rest of the Ñoldor to assist him by convincing them that journeying to Middle-earth would bring them glories and treasures untold. However, many were either not convinced or only half convinced, and deferred to Fingolfin, who was more trusted than his brother.

Fingolfin, though not particularly keen to leave Valinor, had sworn to Fëanor to uphold his place as the elder brother, and did not want to abandon his people to the decisions of his rash and selfish brother. He decided to accompany Fëanor. Life in Middle-earth Fingolfin Leads the Host Across the Helcaraxë, by As such, Fingolfin ended up becoming the leader of the second and largest of the three Ñoldor hosts to leave Tirion for Middle-earth. Fëanor led the first, and Fingolfin's brother led the third, smallest, and most reluctant host.

Most of those who journeyed with him were somewhat reluctant to leave, and so it took a longer time for them to start their journey than the host directly How many Balrogs are left?

Fëanor. Unfortunately, this delay caused Fingolfin to make a grievous mistake, for not long after setting out, Fëanor attempted to seize the fleet of the seafaring Elves in order to get to Middle-earth more quickly and safely.

The Teleri resisted fiercely, and Fingolfin's host caught up with Fëanor's during the middle of a heated battle. Seeing this, Fingolfin mistakenly assumed that the Teleri had attempted to waylay the Ñoldor, perhaps even at the request of the Valar.

He and his host joined the battle against the Teleri, and completed the first Elven. After the slaughter and the theft of the ships, the Ñoldor encountered a figure, possibly himself, who proclaimed a terrible upon them for the Kinslaying. Hearing this, and having not participated at all in the slaughter of the Teleri, Finarfin's host turned back and returned to Tirion.

The rest of the Ñoldor continued north, but as the journey grew more and more dangerous, many of the Ñoldor, upset about the Kinslaying and having been reluctant How many Balrogs are left?

the first place, began to openly curse Fëanor. In response, he and those most loyal to him departed one night on the Teleri ships. Upon reaching Middle-earth, Fëanor burned the ships. The fires were spotted by Fingolfin's host, and they knew that they were betrayed. Fingolfin's host's only route to Middle-earth was now to cross the phenomenally dangerous ices of the or to return to Tirion in disgrace and suffer the punishment of the Valar for their role in the Kinslaying.

But Fingolfin wished to continue to Middle-earth, in no small part to confront the brother for his utter betrayal. Fingolfin's host chose to cross the Helcaraxë, but lost many of its members along the way, greatly increasing the wrath and bitterness that Fingolfin and his host felt for Fëanor's host.

The host of Fingolfin finally arrived in Middle-earth at the rising of the and was by an Orc army in resulting How many Balrogs are left? the death of Fingolfin's youngest child. Destroying the Orc host, Fingolfin and his army approached the doors of Angband, Morgoth's great fortress and smote upon them, but and his servants, dismayed by the light of the new Sun, stayed hidden inside. Fingolfin and the Ñoldor then came to the northern shores offrom which the Fëanorian part of the host had withdrawn.

With virtually all of Fingolfin's host furious over Fëanor's betrayal, a civil war would have broken out amongst the Ñoldor had it not been for the actions of Fingolfin's son. After the initial confrontation of Fëanor's host against Morgoth's forces, the Elves had defeated their foes with relative ease, but Fëanor in his pride and wrath had thought to come upon Morgoth himself, and had pursued the remnants of Morgoth's army with only a small vanguard.

Upon reaching Angband, this vanguard encountered a few and had quickly been slain, with Fëanor falling at How many Balrogs are left? hands ofLord of the Balrogs. How many Balrogs are left?

this, Morgoth had sent a false claim of parley to the new leader of Fëanor's host; his eldest son. Expecting treachery, both sides sent greater force than agreed upon to the negotiation site, but Morgoth's had been accompanied by Balrogs, who slew the Elven company in short order and captured Maedhros.

After failing to gain concessions from the Elves by offering to release Maedhros, Morgoth chained Maedrhos to a cliff by one hand and left him there. Fingon quickly learned of this and, having been a great friend of Maedhros before Fëanor's divisive actions, he sought to rescue his friend.

Succeeding, both returned to the gathered Ñoldor, who were amazed at Fingon's actions. Seeking to keep his people united, Maedhros waived all claim to kingship, and Fingolfin thus became the first High King of the Ñoldor. They were quickly able to establish mighty kingdoms in Beleriand, and subsequent attacks by Morgoth against them were repelled completely and with relative ease. Fingolfin established the after the complete victory ofand ruled in peace and prosperity fromby the northern shores of.

Onhe hosted the famous feast of inwhich was attended by emissaries from all the Elves in Beleriand. There Fingolfin retained close counsel and friendship with Maedhros. The duel of Fingolfin and Morgoth Combat with Morgoth and death Though the Elves were able to contain Morgoth's Orcs, they did not possess the strength to attack Angband directly or actually overthrow Morgoth.

Morgoth himself was not idle during the four hundred years of the siege, and he spent the time increasing the strength of his forces and creating new, for his armies.

How many Balrogs are left?

After reaching what he believed to be sufficient levels of soldiers, Morgoth's armies burst into Beleriand in the. Accompanied by massive volcanic eruptions, the Orcs, Balrogs, and the dragon completely overran the Elven defenses surrounding Angband, driving far into the south of Beleriand and slaughtering untold numbers of Elves.

Fingolfin's kingdom in Hithlum managed barely to defend itself, as the mountains surrounding it provided protection against the flame and magma Morgoth had caused to spew from the Iron Mountains around Angband. But most of the other kingdoms of the Ñoldor were destroyed.

The apparent totality of the defeat caused a great wrath and despair to overcome Fingolfin, and he resolved to go to Angband and challenge Morgoth himself to single combat. He mounted his horse and proceeded to ride across Anfauglith with such wrath that it was said that those who saw him mistook him for the Vala. He rode to Angband, unhindered by any of Morgoth's servants, smote upon the gates of Angband and shouted his challenge for all to hear, mocking Morgoth.

But Fingolfin's insults could not be ignored without Morgoth losing face before his captains.

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As such, he donned black armor, took up aand emerged from Angband. Fingolfin drew his sword,and the duel began. Many times Morgoth attempted to How many Balrogs are left? Fingolfin, but the Elven King managed to dodge all of Morgoth's blows, and wounded the Dark Lord seven times. But after a time, Fingolfin grew weary, and Morgoth beat him to the ground three times. Fingolfin rose up and continued to fight each time, but as Mandos had foretold, no power of the Elves could defeat Morgoth, a Vala.

How many Balrogs are left?

Eventually, Fingolfin stumbled backwards into one of the many pits carved by Morgoth's failed strikes, and Morgoth stepped on the Elven King's neck and killed him. However, Fingolfin's last, desperate stroke managed to cut into Morgoth's heel. After defeating him, Morgoth took Fingolfin's body and broke it, intending to feed it to his. Butthe King ofswooped down upon Morgoth and with his talons slashed at Morgoth's face. As Morgoth reeled from this new assault, Thorondor retrieved Fingolfin's body and brought it to a mountaintop overlooking.

After Fingolfin's defeat, though he had been defeated by Morgoth, the Orcs never made How many Balrogs are left? type of boastful song to celebrate, nor did the Elves sing of it, for their sorrow was far too great. Morgoth walked with a limp after the duel, and the wounds he received pained him forever.

The name Fingolfin is the form of his name. House of Fingolfin Fingolfin Other versions of the legendarium Fingolfin had another son,who was not mentioned in the published. Argon is only mentioned inin How many Balrogs are left?

it is told that he fought and died during the.

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